New updates to Edikio Price Tag Software

Improved features include the ability to print more than one image per tag, add additional price fields & use multiple currencies

Evolis edikio software update

The Evolis range of Edikio Price Tag Printers are the modern and professional way to produce price tags for display with your food and drink products.

The latest software updates just released from Edikio now allow you to:

  1. Print more than one image or price on your tags

Until now, it’s only been possible to use one key image on your price tags. Now you can use further images to communicate necessary information to your consumers with the software’s multiple image management.

  1. Print two price fields on each tag

You can now choose two ways to display prices, giving you more flexibility on how you price-up your product. Choose from additional fields such as price per unit, kilogram or sale price.

  1. Manage your price lists across multiple locations

If you have shops in multiple locations, or have teams of people doing your outside catering, you need everyone to have access to the same price list and tag design.

You can now export your price list and layouts for each individual to import into their own systems.

  1. Print dual-sided tags better with the Edikio Access or Flex

Double-sided tags allow you to have one side displaying the necessary consumer information, and the reverse to display the selling information that your staff need.

The software walks you through how to flip cards correctly so that there’s no waste when you print them manually.

  1. Reorganise your categories when your needs change

You can now move items between categories whenever you want, so you can keep your product list organised.

  1. No internet? No problem

You can now activate your Edikio software license when our computer’s offline. Ideal if you’re on an outside catering shoot in the middle of nowhere for example.

  1. More price presets and currencies available in the design view

And for those of you who have suffered the agony of accidentally deleting your desired layout, there’s now the ability to ‘undo/redo’ your latest action.

How to update your software

Your software won’t automatically alert you to download the latest version, so to benefit from the latest features you’ll need to download the updates yourself.

Go to the Help menu and select ‘Check for software updates’.

This will then walk you through the steps to download the latest version.

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New Smart-51 Card Printer range replaces the Smart-50

Smart 51 plastic card printer


As of November 2017, The IDP Smart-50 card printer range has been discontinued, and replaced with the new Smart-51; IDP’s next generation of mid-range card printers.

So what’s changed?

The official line is that the Smart 51-has inherited the most successful and proven elements of the Smart-50 card printers, but comes with superior speed and print quality.

Around 10% faster

The Smart-51 is 10% faster than its older cousin, and now boasts an impressive print speed of 5 seconds for a monochrome card (or 720 cards per hour) and 17 seconds for full colour.

So if you’re printing significant quantities of cards at any one time, you’ll notice the difference. The reduced printing noise is a welcome addition too.

The range also comes with a host of user-friendly features:

  • State of the art CPU display
  • A larger card loading capacity of up to 200 cards with the cover open
  • A new input hopper and removable output hopper
  • Support of transparent cards
  • Cartridge type laminate film loading
  • Al-in-one type lock system
  • A new metal frame body for the printing engine which makes for more stable card printing.

Various add-on options available

The Smart-51 is designed to be flexible, and to grow as your card needs change. You can choose the printer that suits you best now, and is therefore most cost-effective, with the confidence that it’s future proofed if you need to add on more capabilities later.

From the most basic model, you can easily add a flipper or laminator for dual sided printing or laminating, or add magnetic stripe, contact or contactless encoding technology if you need to.

Ribbons and consumables for the Smart 50 range still available

Smart 51 ribbonsAlthough the Smart 50 printers themselves have been discontinued, we are advised that the Smart 50 ribbons and consumables will continue to be produced for a long time yet.

One thing to bear in mind that the new Smart 51 ribbons and consumables won’t work in the ‘old’ Smart 50s, and vice versa, so be careful when you’re ordering.

Free software still available

Buy a Smart 51 printer from The Card Network and it comes bundled with the Easybadge Lite ID Card Software, which normally retails around £105 + VAT.

This software is ideal for first-time users, as it’s very easy and quick to set-up and use. The Easybadge App that comes along with it also allows you to create ID badges for staff at different locations easily, as they upload their photographs and details via the App.

5-year warranty as standard

All models come with IDP Smart’s unrivalled 5-year warranty, which show’s IDP Smart’s confidence in their technology.

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The professional way to meet your food labelling responsibilities

Price Tags labelling Solution

If you sell or provide food, you’ll know about your responsibilities when it comes to food labelling.

From December 2014, EU FIC regulations stipulate that you must provide allergen ingredients information in a clear and consistent way, so that consumers can make safer food choices.

These regulations now also apply to ‘loose foods’ such as those found in delis, farm shops, buffet tables and restaurant food bars.

So how do you label yours? Edikio Access food label printer

Black marker pen on a white card that’s then wiped off? Pieces of paper? Hidden on list in a book behind the counter?

One of the most professional and easiest way to create price tags for your food is by using a Price Tag Printer like the Evolis Edikio Access (entry-level) or Duplex (for double-sided printing).

A Price Tag Printer prints professional, attractive price tags for display with your food and drink products. The cards are easy to clean, resistant to cold and moisture and meet the requirements of the food processing industry.

Clearly label the allergens Allergen labels

As well as giving a great brand image, they also allow you to clearly label the product, ingredients and any allergen ingredients easily on the front of the card. Simply select the required icons from the software, and print them on the card.

The problems with doing it ‘the old way’

Paper tickets on spikes can look unhygienic next to loose food, even when they’re in a plastic container – not to mention unprofessional.

Using pen on plastic card is not great with respect to food contact regulations, and you’re relying on the person’s handwriting being legible (and there being no spelling mistakes).

If you just have a list for the staff to refer to behind the counter, you’re not giving consumers the ability to safely make the right choice. You’re also relying on them asking for the information, which can result in a lost sale.

None of these convey a good brand image either, or inspire consumer confidence.

Food Price Tags BakeryBut the main issue is that they are all open to human error. If one of your staff gets it wrong for whatever reason, the results could be catastrophic.

By printing your tags through a price tag printer, you remove that risk. You import product information onto your cards straight from your MS Excel file (products, prices etc) giving you control over the process.

A reminder of the 14 allergens

The following should be clearly labelled:

  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Fish
  • Crustaceans (for example crab, lobster, crayfish, shrimp, prawn)
  • Molluscs (for example mussels, oysters, squid)
  • Peanuts
  • Tree Nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, pecans, brazils, pistachios, macadamia or Queensland nuts)
  • Sesame seeds
  • Cereals containing gluten (wheat, rye, barley, oats)
  • Soya
  • Celery and celeriac
  • Mustard
  • Lupins
  • Sulphur dioxide and sulphites (at concentrations of more than ten parts per million).

Printing information-rich price tags doesn’t just make it easier for your customers and convey a more professional image, they also ensure your business is meeting its regulatory requirements.

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Buy a double-sided Primacy card printer for the price of a single-sided

Evolis Primacy Card Printer

Until the end of December 2017, you can snap up a double sided Evolis Primacy Plastic Card printer for the price of a single sided.

That’s just £989 + VAT.

So it’s a ‘Buy one side, get the other side free’ kind of deal.

If you’re searching for a new plastic card printer, and are currently making do with a single-sided, this is worth factoring into your research.

Why choose Primacy?

Speed and efficiency.

There are lots of double sided card printers on the market, all of which are capable of quality print, but few are as fast and powerful as the Primacy.

The other advantage of the Primacy is that you can build on the solution over time, and add on capabilities as you need them.

For example, you may want to add the lamination feature on in the future, or encoders to allow you to encode your own magstripe or contact/contactless cards.

In other words, the Primacy can grow with you.

With other brands, that can be difficult to do.

Who is the Primacy best suited to? Primacy sample transport card

Organisations that print medium-large numbers of cards quite regularly (say up to 30,000 cards a year).

Those cards can be anything from ID cards to transport cards, payment cards, licenses, membership cards and delegate badges.

Printing speeds

The Primacy is capable of printing up to 225 colour cards per hour single-sided, 140 cards per hour double-sided and an impressive 1,000 mono cards an hour.

Its high capacity feeder and output hopper means it will keep churning out the cards happily with very little need for human intervention – ideal if you’re badging high numbers of people at a conference for example, or have a large run of cards to produce in a set time scale.

Being an Evolis printer, it’s also extremely reliable, so as long as you clean it regularly and look after it, it will reward you with years of performance. It also comes with a 3-year warranty, for added peace of mind.

This offer applies to both the Primacy and the Primacy LCD Touchscreen, and runs until December 31st, 2017*.

The Card Network is a registered Evolis Reseller. Read more about the Primacy 

*Offers are subject to change.

Year End Special Offer: Buy 2 ribbons, get 100 cards for free

Plastic card Printer ribbons offer









With the end of the financial year fast approaching, and those ID card and membership card projects stacking up, there’s never been a better time to stock up on your card printer ribbons.

Especially when you can some blank cards thrown in for free.

This offer covers the full range of colour and mono printer ribbons for Magicard, Datacard, Evolis, Easybadge, Javelin, Fargo, Zebra and Smart plastic card printers.

Order any two ribbons and we’ll include 100 Dyestar blank white plastic cards (760 microns) for free.

Simply add the Dyestar cards into your basket and quote RC17 at checkout.

But hurry, this offer is only valid until 31st March, 2017.


*Offer valid until 31st March, 2017. VAT and Delivery charges apply.

Why the EasyBadge should probably be the first ID card printer you own

Easybadge printer package

If you’re about to buy an ID card printer for the first time, you’ll most likely be comparing the capabilities and prices of a few different models.

Here’s why we think the EasyBadge should be on your list – and why it should be somewhere near the top.

First things first though, what do you need your card printer to do?

If you’ve decided to print your staff ID cards on-site for the first time, you need to think carefully about what you want from your cards, and how many you’ll be printing.

If you’re printing high volumes of double-sided cards, and want to be able to encode them with smart card capabilities for example, a card printer like this one won’t cut the mustard.

However if you’re printing small-medium quantities of colour ID cards (single sided), or membership cards, a printer like the EasyBadge will be all you need.

And at its low price point, it suddenly becomes comparable to entry-level printer bundles, even though it’s capable of much more.

More tips on what to consider when setting up an ID card scheme.

Who the EasyBadge is designed for

Easybadge ID card printerIf you’re new to the world of ID card printers, and don’t want to do anything too sophisticated with your cards, the EasyBadge is for you.

It’s marketed as ‘plug in and print’, and it genuinely is.

We gave the package to our new sales person in the office (who has never used a card printer before) and they had their first ID card printing off in around 10-15 minutes.

The set-up wizard walks you through the set-up steps with no drama.

easybadge-softwareThe card design software and records management is incredibly intuitive and simple, and makes it easy to set up multiple card designs. You might want a different layout for temporary and permanent staff for example, or to colour-code for different departments.

We honestly haven’t seen an ID card software that is this easy to use, which is what EasyBadge are banking on, as they’ve invested a lot in developing it.

The print quality is good too, although you won’t get true edge-to-edge printing from it, or from any printer at this price realistically.

It prints out a card in around 30 seconds.

What’s in the box?

  • 200 print Colour Ribbon & 200 Cards
    The ribbon is pre-loaded into the printer, so that’s one less thing you need to worry about.
  • EasyBadge Software – Professional Version (worth £295)
    Setting up card designs and database is easy, as is switching between designs. And what’s more, they’re giving you the Professional Version which gives you unlimited records and unlimited databases, so you won’t out-grow it unless you want to upgrade to encoding capabilities.
  • Free EasyBadge App for mobile and tablet
    This is really helpful if you have staff across different locations. Download the free App, and users can upload their images and data wherever they are.
  • Secure Card Torch
    The EasyBadge ribbon comes with a UV overlay, that allows you to print an image in UV onto the card. This can be viewed using the secure card torch included. Not convinced how useful this actually is, but it’s a nice added extra.

Why we’d buy it Easybadge ID card print

  • The software is the most simple and easy to use in the market. We’ve tested a lot of ID card software in our time, and this is the most intuitive and simple to use. It’s also genuinely fast to install. You’ll be creating your own card designs (and printing them) in no time.
  • It contains everything you need to get printing immediately. With the ribbon pre-loaded, and the cards easy to put into the card hopper, you can get to work straight away, and you don’t need buy anything separately.
  • The cost of the consumables is reasonable. You don’t want to be paying over the odds for a new printer ribbon every time, and you won’t. You’ll pay around £40 for a 200 image colour ribbon, and you can pick up 100 quality plastic cards for around £10.
  • It has a 5-year warranty. This is a big plus, as on an entry-level printer you would normally only get one year warranty thrown in. The fact that they’re providing 5 years demonstrates the confidence that EasyBadge has in their technology

Find out more at

The Magicard Rio Pro & why it’s a belter of a card printer

We get to test and play with a lot of ID card printers at the Card Network, and like our children, we try not to have a favourite.

But the reality is, some ID card printers naturally stand out. It could be in terms of the functionality they offer for the price, their ease of use, or how good they are at delivering the job they’re designed to do.

The Magicard Rio Pro is one of those card printers.

Here are the reasons why, including the main reason we’d buy it.

Magicard rio pro side
The Magicard Rio Pro – available in single or dual sided

Magicard Rio Pro Front







Who it’s designed for

The Rio Pro is “designed for professionals”. By which Magicard means that it’s designed for organisations that print high numbers of ID cards, and who are looking for sharp images and a professional quality of print.

Magicard’s printers are also targeted at organisations where security is important, which is where their patented HoloKote® watermark feature comes in (more on this later).

We’re talking about companies with requirements for hundreds to thousands of ID cards, and particularly those that need the cards to perform more functionality, like act as an access control or smart card.

If you only have 20 staff to badge, and have no encoding requirements, you don’t need all the capabilities offered by the Rio Pro. There are more cost effective ID card printers out there on the market.

Reasons we think it does the job brilliantly


  • Print up to 500 mono cards per hour, or 150 colour cards per hour
  • Batch print with the 100-card feeder, or print one-offs with the hand feeder

Print Quality

The Rio Pro provides edge-to-edge printing, and the sharpness of images and text is as good as any we’ve seen.

Magicard say that the “superior printing quality is enhanced by ICC profiles that seamlessly map colour between software and the printer.” Whatever ICC profiles are, they seem to work.

Magicard rio pro id card sample

Enhanced Security through HoloKote®

This is Magicard’s main point of difference when compared to other ID card printer manufacturers, and it’s a good one.

The Rio Pro comes with Magicard’s patented HoloKote® technology, which adds a standard transparent watermark to your cards when they’re printed. Tilt the cards up to the light and you’ll see this layer across the entire surface of the card.

This gives your cards an added layer of visual security, and makes them more difficult to copy. Four different designs can be chosen from the printer driver. You don’t need an extra ribbon for the HoloKote®, it’s printed through all standard Magicard ribbons.

You can also buy their HoloPatch cards which add an extra security feature – a highly-visible gold seal onto the card.

Add-on functionalityID card Rio Pro

The Rio Pro is scalable, so it can grow with you. There are various options available to ‘add-on’ if/when you need to:

  • Upgrade to the Duo for double sided print – this can be done ‘in the field’, you won’t have to send the printer back
  • Various encoding options. If you need your ID cards to also work with your access control or time and attendance system, you can incorporate the necessary magnetic stripe or smart card encoding
  • Custom HoloKote®. If you want greater security than the standard HoloKote® offers, you can have a custom HoloKote® security mark created by Magicard to your individual logo or design.

But here’s the main reason we’d buy it


The Rio Pro is fast, reliable and provides great quality dye sublimation printing.

But what really makes it stand out is the fact that it also has rewrite capabilities, and is equally good at both.

The benefits of rewritable technology Rewritable temporary ID card

Swap to the rewritable function, insert a rewritable plastic card, and the Rio Pro will erase and re-print the same card up to 500 times.

By using thermal imaging (no ribbons are used for this function), the printer will erase all previous data on the card and print new information in its place.

This functionality is brilliant if you regularly print temporary cards, for example for Visitors or Temporary workers. Rather than chucking the card in the bin at the end of the day, you simply erase it, ready for the next one. Your only cost is the cards – you don’t need to purchase ribbons, which is where it becomes really cost effective.

Remember that you have to use special rewrite cards, which generally print in either black or blue.

Read more information on how rewritable card printers work.

Other things we like

  • Free support from the Magicard team

If you’re not sure how to use a particular feature of the Rio Po, or you hit a few printing bumps along the way, you can call or email Magicard’s technical support team for help. They’ll help you get the most out of your new printer.

  • Free 3 year UltraCoverPlus warranty Magicard warranty

This is a big plus with the Rio Pro. Magicard’s no quibble warranty is highly regarded, and with this model, you get their 3-year UltraCover Plus thrown in.

This means that they will repair any printer issues and replace a damaged print head for free, no matter what the cause of failure, for three years from purchase date.

It also provides what’s known in the industry as a ‘hot swap printer’; meaning they’ll send you a loan printer if yours has to be shipped back for repair.

Special offer

We currently have a special offer on the Magicard Rio Pro of a free upgrade to Dual sided, while stocks last.

If you would like some free card samples so you can see the quality of print before you buy, please contact us.

Further specs can be found on the Magicard site.

Magicard logo CMYK


Why plastic key tags are our unsung heroes

Branded key tagsMeet our superhero, ‘Mr Adaptable’

They’re dinky. Handy. Always visible. Incredibly adaptable. And very cost-effective.

In our view, plastic key tags are mini super heroes, just minus the capes.

Branded key tags are one of the few plastic cards that can be used for multiple purposes: promotion, loyalty, labelling, information, discount offers, reference: the list goes on.

They’re also highly visible, rather than being hidden in a wallet. They happily dangle off a key ring, reminding the owner of their presence.

And at just £110 + VAT for 250 branded key tags printed in full colour on both sides, they super cost-effective.

Packing a mighty powerful punch for one so small

Branded key tags make great:

  1. Mini loyalty cardsBranded key tag

Add a barcode that works with your loyalty system and make sure your customer never loses out at the point of purchase. Tesco seem to have made it work quite successfully.

  1. Mini membership cards

Forgotten your main membership card? Just show your key tag instead, or save the budget and do away with main membership cards altogether.

  1. Promotional cards

    De Vere membership key tag
    Print key tags to go with your membership cards, or just do away with the cards altogether

Think of your key tags as mini billboards, there to advertise your next promotion or brand message. Use them to advertise your happy hours or special weekly theme nights, or remind customers of a regular monthly event. Or just use it as a branding opportunity.

  1. Discount cards

Remind customers that they can get a discount off their next purchase, on presentation of the key tag.

  1. Staff reference cards

Get key employee information on show, not hidden away in a handbook. Key tags make great reference cards because they’re always visible. Use them to remind staff of key health and safety information, employee standards or processes and procedures.

  1. Helpline reminders

Plastic key tags are easy ‘go to’ reference points for important numbers. If given to key holders for example, you could include telephone details of the alarm company. Or for lone workers, telephone numbers of head office support.

  1. Accommodation Key Holders

    Branded key tags holiday parks
    Leaving blank areas on the design gives you the flexibility to add your own names, numbers or details

We get a lot of orders from accommodation providers, particularly caravan parks and holiday lodge parks, because they’re a great way to add a brand or promo message to sets of keys that are given out to guests. Or leave a blank space to add individual accommodation numbers.

8. Key labels

If you store sets of keys in your office, like estate agents or property maintenance companies do, why not label them with your own branded key tags? They’ll convey a more professional image to your customers, and you can leave a space blank for handwriting your own details on.

One other thing – The Card Network offers free design and artwork on branded key tags.


Badge your event better

Whatever the size of your event or conference, first impressions count. The car parking, the pathfinder signage and welcome branding; it all counts towards determining your guests’ initial impressions of your event.

And the same goes for their name badge.

So rather than printing out their names in Times New Roman and buying the same old throw-away badge holders, turn it into an opportunity.

Branded, personalised name badges make a big impression

Greeting attendees with a branded, plastic name badge conveys a far more professional image than a paper one ever could.

It’s also a key branding opportunity: one that’s on show for the whole of the conference or event, and will be prominent in any photography or media coverage.

So what’s the best – and most cost-effective – way to do it?

You’ll need a plastic card printer, commonly referred to as an ID card printer.

These aren’t as expensive as you might think. The model you’ll need (and therefore the cost involved) will depend on how much of a workhorse you need it to be. Entry level plastic card printers like the Evolis Badgy start at around £650 and are perfectly good for the light user, though you can spend up to £3,000 on an all-singing, all-dancing model if you need to produce large volumes of cards quickly.

Evolis Badgy ID card printer
Small and lightweight, the Badgy has everything you need to get started – just plug in and print

Most are small and lightweight, easy to carry around and designed to sit comfortably on a registration desk.

Before the event, set up the design template you want printed on the badges (you do this through the card design software) and do some test runs.

You can then pre-print attendees names so that they’re ready for them as soon as they arrive, or if you want to minimise wastage, print them when they turn up on the day.

Speed the process up by having the base cards pre-printed

Where this doesn’t work so well is when you have large numbers of people arriving at the same time.

One way to speed up the process is by having the card design pre-printed onto a stock of cards, so all you have to do is over-print the name on the day.

The most cost-effective way to do this (particularly in large numbers) is for a plastic card bureau to print a bank of cards, which you then put through your own ID card printer when required.

The bigger the run of cards at the bureau, the cheaper the unit price. So if you have a number of events planned throughout the year, think ahead and order all your cards now to make it most cost-effective.

Need the cards to be more than just name badges?

Using a card bureau is often the best way if you need the cards to do something more than just identify the wearer. For example, if you want the cards to also act as an access control card, or smart card; allowing the attendee to access VIP areas of a conference for example; it’s quicker and easier to have these capabilities already programmed rather than trying to do it on the day.

Then think about how your attendees will wear them

If you’ve spent time creating beautifully branded name badges, make sure they are shown off to their full advantage. Some card holders can encroach on the design; others require you to punch a hole in the card to attach to a lanyard or holder.

Pin crocodile clip for name badges
Using this fitting, the name badge can be pinned or clipped onto clothing

The easiest way to let the name badges take centre stage is to use a pin/crocodile clip, that affixes onto the card via an adhesive pad.

Want to recycle and re-use the cards?

Thousands of name badges end up in the bin at the end of conferences, but there is a way to re-use them.

A re-writable ID card printer, like the Evolis Tattoo, allows you to rewrite and reprint the same card up to 500 times.

Which not only makes it rather clever, but also highly economical and environmentally efficient.

Evolis Tattoo rewritable card printer
Lightweight and small, the Evolis Tattoo can re-print the same card up to 500 times

So ask your attendees to hand their badges in at the end of the conference, erase the name and you’ll have a card ready for your next event. The branding design that was pre-printed by the card bureau won’t be erased; just the name details you entered through your own card printer.

One thing to note: you’ll need to buy rewritable cards, regular plastic cards won’t do it.

Of course if your budget will stretch to a self-service registration kiosk that automates the entire registration and badging process, then brilliant. But if it doesn’t, there’s still plenty you can do to improve the way you badge your attendees.


Don’t throw name badges in the bin after an event – reuse them

How to re-use and re-issue your name badges at your next event or conference

Box for name badgesIf you run events or conferences, you’ll know that you never get back all those name badges you’ve spent time creating.

Usually, a big pile of them end up in the bin by the door. Or most commonly, the attendee doesn’t hand their name badge back in – and they end up in the bin by their door.

If you’ve spent time and money on your name badges and holders, this can be rather annoying.

Not to mention wasteful, and bad for the environment.

So what’s the answer?

There is a way you can reissue your name badges with a new name at your next event – using a rewritable card printer.

Rewritable card printers, like the Evolis Tattoo, are different to regular card printers in that they use rewrite technology rather than printer ribbons. The benefit of this printing method means that the print can be erased and new details printed time and time again, on the same card.

In fact, the same card can be erased and reprinted up to 500 times.

So rather than your name badges being one-use-only, they could carry on badging attendees at future events, and on, and on.

event name badgeThe benefits of using plastic cards for name badges

When you choose to print your name badges as plastic cards rather than paper, you’re making a statement that you value your attendees’ presence. They convey a more professional image, and are a valuable branding tool – one that’s on show for the whole of the conference (and appears in all the photographs).

Although more expensive than their paper counterparts, using rewritable cards means you’ll save money in the long run by reusing them, and help with your company’s environmental policy too.

Now you just need to ensure they get handed back in

The easiest way to do this is to set up a stand by the exit with a sealed box, asking people politely to drop their name badges through the slot as they leave. You could also add an incentive for doing so; say a bottle of champagne to the first card pulled out.

Using a sealed box protects your attendee’s privacy and is more secure, preventing unwanted guests from finding a name badge and gaining access without your permission.

Read more about rewritable card printers and rewritable cards.