Printed plastic cards: check your proof!

If you’re about to order hundreds or even thousands of printed plastic cards, like membership cards or promotional cards, it always pays to see an actual example of the card first, before you hit ‘print’.

Except that you shouldn’t … pay any extra to see one, that is.

Peace of mind that you’re getting what you think you are

The last thing you want is to order 3,000 colour club cards only to find that they’re not as thick as you thought they’d be, or the print isn’t as bright as you wanted. The only way to check the end product is to actually see an example of one of the final printed plastic cards. And we mean your final card, with your design elements and information.

Many plastic card suppliers will send you an example of ‘one they made earlier’ for someone else, in order to avoid the expense of creating a press proof*. Whilst that’s great in terms of showing the thickness, it won’t show you how this card will look with your information on it. Insist on them printing one of your cards for you to approve, and they’ll often hit you with a one-off press charge – often up to £50.

It’s also fairly standard practice to send you a pdf proof to approve on email – just a pdf sheet showing the artwork on paper. This is far from fool proof – how can you sign it off when you have no idea how the final card will look?

We’ll provide a sample of your final card – for no extra cost

We want you to be 100% happy with the printed plastic cards you order. The only way we can do that is to provide you with a sample of exactly how your card will look before we print them.

So if you order membership cards, promotional cards, discount cards, loyalty cards, key tags, hotel key cards, custom printed cloakroom tags, plastic business cards or any other bespoke printed plastic cards – we’ll send you a press proof to approve. Which allows you to sign off the order in confidence, because you know exactly how the final product will look.

To us, it’s just sensible. Which is why we don’t charge any extra for the service.

Some cynics out there say we hide it in the cost of the printed plastic cards. But we don’t – our prices remain some of the lowest on the web.

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*Just what is a press proof anyway?

A press proof is a card that’s generated right off the printer press. Or in other words, a sample card that’s printed with all of your information on it, so you can see what the finished article will look like.

Biodegradable plastic cards – go green

Go green with biodegradable plastic cards

Biodegradable plastic cards
Go green with biodegradable plastic

Everyone’s conscious these days of being as environmentally friendly as possible, and at The Card Network we’re no different. For a small extra cost, we can print your cards on biodegradable plastic. You’ll sacrifice nothing on quality. Please give one of our team a call for more information. We’ll be happy to send you out a sample card for you to see.

We also sell blank ultra white biodegradable cards for your card printer, £12.64 for 100.

Design and artwork included in our prices

Membership card for antenna users
Artwork and design included on all orders

Don’t have the means to create your own design and artwork for your plastic cards, or don’t want to? The creation of one design, artwork and a proof for you to approve are all included within the prices quoted.

Simply send us your logo, requested colours and any other design elements and we’ll do the rest.

If you would rather provide your own artwork that’s absolutely fine – just follow our artwork guide to find out what we need. We’ll send you a proof before we print your cards.