Membership cards: is it time for a refresh?

Design refresh membership cards
We’ll send you a proof to approve before printing

When’s the last time you refreshed the look of your membership cards or club cards? Are you still using the same layout, just changing the details every year? If so, maybe it’s time to have a new look at your cards. Even making small changes like changing colours or updating the general look of your membership cards or club card can make a big difference, and go a long way to making sure your members use their cards with pride.

Make your cards attractive as well as functional
Some sports and leisure clubs, particularly if they are internal gyms within an organisation, focus on making their club cards functional. At The Card Network, we focus on making them functional and attractive, so they look good in and out of your members’ wallets. Simply send us your logo, corporate colours and any other design requirements and we’ll do the rest.

Personalising membership cards for Airbus
When we were asked to quote for providing over 5,000 membership cards to Airbus’ Broughton Wings Sports & Social Club, we were more than happy to oblige. We also took their very simple functional cards and gave them a design refresh, incorporating their own distinctive branding. Our client was delighted, and we were rather pleased with the results too.

So the next time you’re renewing your club cards why not let our team suggest how you could improve them? We have an eye for what works on a card, and a design proof is included within all of our prices. Our membership cards start from just £120.90 for 250 full colour, double sided cards with numbering. Want to check the weight and quality of one of our cards? Call us and we’ll be happy to mail out an example to you.

Club cards for the Mitsubishi Lancers

Looking for large numbers of club cards or membership cards? You’ll want a plastic card supplier who understands the importance of quality and getting the cards to your members on time. And when you have new members joining every week, you’ll need a supplier who can send out individual cards when you need them to. All for a fair price.

For the Mitsubishi Lancers Club, reliability and quality of customer service mattered more than anything.

Printing and fulfilling club cards for the Mitsubishi Lancers

At The Card Network, we pride ourselves on delivering when our clients need us to. For the Mitsubishi Lancers Club, we printed 3,000 membership cards, and dealt with all of the fulfillment. We collated the membership packs and mailed them out to each individual member in the UK and Europe. We also handle their additional card requirements. We’re sent a list of new members every Monday, and we post out the new cards every Friday.

Quality customer service and reliability are incredibly important to our customers – and to us. So if you are looking for a quote for club cards or membership cards, give us a call.

Just how thick are our plastic cards?

It’s a question we’re often asked. Plastic cards thicknesses are measured in microns. Which then prompts the next question: ‘what’s a micron’?

Basically, the thickness of a standard credit card is 760 microns. The majority of our plastic cards are 760 microns, so if you’re buying membership cards, loyalty cards or ID cards you can expect them to feel exactly like a normal store or credit card. Some, like our discount cards are 680 microns which is slightly thinner, which allows us to offer them at exceptional value.

Rest assured all our cards are made from high quality plastic, and because they don’t contain a cardboard inner like many other card suppliers, they are very durable.

Hotel key cards – a great promotional tool

If you’re still using your hotel key cards purely as a means to open doors, you’re missing a great promotional opportunity.

Holiday Inn hotel key cards
Turn your key cards into a promotional tool

Our full colour double sided key cards are ready and waiting for your latest marketing message. Use them to shout about your latest offer or turn them into discount cards for a guest’s next booking. Raise awareness of your other hotel services, like your restaurant or spa facilities. Or you could introduce a club card for your spa or gym.

We regularly print key cards for clients like De Vere Hotels to promote a time-based offer or to showcase deals to encourage repeat visits.

Our full colour, double sided hotel key cards with Loco magnetic stripe start from just £115.50 for 250.

Design and artwork included in our prices

Membership card for antenna users
Artwork and design included on all orders

Don’t have the means to create your own design and artwork for your plastic cards, or don’t want to? The creation of one design, artwork and a proof for you to approve are all included within the prices quoted.

Simply send us your logo, requested colours and any other design elements and we’ll do the rest.

If you would rather provide your own artwork that’s absolutely fine – just follow our artwork guide to find out what we need. We’ll send you a proof before we print your cards.