Proud to still provide printed ID cards

As more ID card suppliers in the UK switch to offering card printers only, The Card Network continues to offer printed ID cards in quantities as small as 10.

Supporting small enterprises and charities

Printed plastic ID card
Our high quality ID cards start in packs of 10

Many of the people who buy our ID card packs are charities, who need small numbers of ID cards for their collectors or fundraisers. Our packs of 25 or 50 cards are also popular with smaller companies and primary schools that want to badge their staff.

Neither has the money to invest in costly card printers. Whereas larger organisations with a regular need for ID cards may benefit from a plastic card printer, the return on investment simply isn’t there for the smaller player. We don’t believe you should be penalised for your size, which is why we continue to offer small runs of ID cards.

Use only what you need and ‘bank’ the rest for later

All our ID card packs also come with our ‘card bank’. This means we only print the number of cards you need now, then save the rest until you need them. So if you only need 17 ID cards at the moment, buy the 25 card pack and you can call on the remaining 8 ID cards throughout the year. You can ‘call off’ the remaining cards as many times as you like – the only charge will be a new posting fee.

10 ID cards, clips & card holders start from just £93.09. We can also add signature panels or magnetic stripe for extra security from as little as £1 extra. Our prices also include design & artworking – simply send us your details and we’ll do the rest.

The Card Network is committed to supporting small enterprise. We supply our high quality, low cost ID cards to schools, colleges, healthcare organisations, charities and companies all over the country.