Now in stock! Fluorescent plastic cards

We’ve just added a new range of fluorescent plastic cards onto our shelves (and we certainly can’t miss them…) made by Fotodek, known for the quality and durability of their plastic cards.

Fluorescent plastic cards
Brighten up your next promotion with fluorescent cards

Time to brighten up your next promotion?
If you print your own plastic cards and really want your next promotion to stand out, these fluorescent plastic cards will do it for you.

They’re perfect for Freshers week for example – if you want to attract new students at the start of term, producing fluorescent promotional cards will definitely grab their attention. They won’t exactly be missed in their wallet when Fresher’s Fair is over, either!

Draw attention to health and safety information

Some of our clients are using the fluorescent plastic cards to print important company or health and safety information to give to their workers, particularly those who work between different plants or use manual machinery.

Immediately spot children when you’re out on a trip

If you’re organising a weekend summer camp or a holiday club day out for a group of children, using the fluorescent cards as ID cards means they’ll be easier to spot and gather together.

All the fluorescent plastic cards are standard credit card thickness. And because they’re made by Fotodek, you can be sure you’re getting a high quality product.

They’re available in fluorescent green, yellow, pink and orange – with a gloss shine, starting from £24 for a pack of 100. Search our range of blank cards here

Old/used plastic cards? Turn them into jewellery

We were having a discussion in the office the other day about ways to re-use or recycle old plastic cards. What do you do with your gift card for example, when you’ve redeemed it? Or your old loyalty card when you get a new one?

Some plastic cards are made from environmentally friendly plastic, so they will break down after a few years. The plastic we use in our cards is recyclable, but you’ll need to check locally to see if your area supports it.

Resin jewellery from plastic cards
Who’d have thought a plastic card would make a great bracelet?

Here are some other ways you could make use of them:

–  Use them as ice-scrapers. Brilliant for the job, and you’ve always got one on you

– Give them to young kids to put in their purses and play pretend ‘shop’ with

– Put them in the toolbox for the next DIY job, they’re perfect for smoothing on Polyfilla or scraping jobs

– Put them in the bakery drawer. They’re great for scraping up biscuit dough or pastry

– Get crafty – punch them, glue them and create a mobile: the weirder the better.

What we really want to do with them though is turn them into jewellery like Kim Baldwin of Life Accessories in the US. She creates funky bracelets and necklaces by recycling gift and loyalty cards, and creates some really unique pieces. They’re really affordable too.

If anyone is doing the same thing over here in the UK let us know, we have a few spare cards we could send you!

If you’re interested in printing your next run of plastic cards on biodegradable plastic, please get in touch. We also stock blank ultra white biodegradable cards for your own card printing – 100 for £12.64.



Print your own plastic cards for Christmas

If you have a plastic card printer you’ll be able to print custom plastic cards for Christmas at the touch of a button. Pick a festive design and you’re good to go. The only question is what plastic card will you create?

Season-up your name badges

If you’re holding a Christmas drinks event this year for clients and customers, instead of giving your staff plain name badges, why not print Christmas ones instead? If it’s a themed event, having printed plastic cards in the same design adds to the fun and is a nice extra touch.

Remind customers of your special offers

Or if you’re in retail and you’re doing daily Christmas offers, give your people a custom printed plastic card to wear with details of today’s deal to remind customers.

Great for parties

Rather than printing paper invitations or sending an email to your guest list for your Christmas party, you could print a plastic card instead. Plastic cards have much more stand out than paper ones and look more impressive to your guests. You could give them a dual purpose – for example, ‘Exchange this card for a free mulled wine at the bar’ or something similar.

If it’s your staff Christmas party, you could have some fun with the card printer and give out Christmas themed name badges for the day. Santa has his little helpers, what about you? Or you could print some Christmas ID cards for the week in the run up to Christmas, adding a Santa hat or reindeer antlers. Get creative!

We sell some of the best quality and most cost-effective printer packages on the market, which are all capable of printing ID cards. Whether you want to print a handful of cards occasionally or need a powerful printer to print double-sided plastic cards regularly, we’ll have a solution to fit. We also stock blank plastic cards in all colours, cleaning kits and printer ribbons.