The world’s most exclusive membership card?

Join an exclusive private membership club and as part of your hefty (often eye watering) membership fee you can expect VIP benefits like a 24/7 concierge service and invitations to exclusive parties.

Not to mention the prestige of being able to say you’re a member. Especially if joining is ‘by invitation only.’

Next comes the extremely satisfying act of whipping out your new member’s card to a cacophony of ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahs’ from your colleagues and friends.

And nothing will do that better than diamond encrusted membership cards.

Bling-up your membership cards

exclusive club cards
Exclusive membership cards – it’s all about the bling

Black Astrum, a British company based in London, makes ‘signature’ diamond encrusted business cards and membership cards. Just one will set you back around £1000, depending on your requirements. A recent set produced by Black Astrum for a client in Brunei featured matt-black engraving surrounded by black diamonds.

One wonders just how many were produced.

In case you’re thinking about commissioning them any time soon, you should know that they only work by invitation. By which we mean they have to invite you. Which gives a whole new meaning to being exclusive enough to provide exclusivity in the first place. If you see what we mean.

Can’t quite stretch to diamonds?

How about settling for gold plating or silver? You can pick up an 18-carat gold plated membership card or business card from BCE online for around £200 – a snip of the price of a diamond one. The more you buy the cheaper it gets: 10 will set you back around £1000.

If you want a 22 carat solid one (i.e. not plated) you’ll be looking at around £2000.

It could be a little weighty in the pocket, and you may be terrified of losing it, but it’ll certainly be a talking point.

Cards for the top brass

You can still make quite an impact with brass membership cards, and they do look a bit like gold. You’re nearly into the realms of affordability too – 200 of those will set you back around £500 from Pure Metal Cards in the US.

If your budget won’t quite stretch to bling, you could of course just go with a metallic printed plastic card for your Gold and Silver VIP members. Have the cards die-cut into an unusual shape, or cut-out your logo, and you’ll still stand out.

And what’s more, you won’t go bankrupt if you have to replace one of them.

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Why we’ll never see the demise of the business card

You only have to look around you to notice that marketing and promotional budgets are being increasingly spent online. Traditional print and promotional materials are becoming redundant, digital agencies are no longer ‘digital’, they’re just ‘agencies’, and the lion share of funds are being increasingly spent on video, viral and social media.

But there’s one traditional printed item that’s never going to go the wall. The humble business card.

You can’t network with your iPad

For people who rely on networking for new business, a business card will always be King.

Plastic business card with QR code
Make the traditional business card interactive & digital

Ok, so you can send your Vcard electronically, connect via LinkedIn or send an email as you network. But it just doesn’t cut the mustard in the same way as a really well designed business card does, especially in a crowded room. The simple act of handing over a card you’re proud of, and saying ‘this is me’ – can’t be underestimated when it comes to first impressions.

You don’t have to break the conversation – or a great deal of eye contact – to hand over a card. You do if you get out your phone or tablet.

You aren’t instantly forgettable either…

So you’ve pinged over an email with your details. It gets lost amongst the 102 other emails in the inbox and you’re gone forever.

A printed business card is a physical reminder. And if it’s a great business card – really well designed, a bit different or an unusual shape – it’s going to get noticed.

So rather than thinking about how to get rid of your business cards in a digital world, you should think about how you get them to stand out.

Combine traditional print with digital opportunities

One way to do that is to do the best of both. Printed plastic business cards are one way to get noticed, and they’re far less likely to be thrown away. Add some metallic print or have them printed in the shape of your logo and the recipient will definitely look twice.

Then spec them up with a QR code

QR codes are no longer a novelty, they’re part of most brand’s marketing activity. Including a QR code on your plastic business cards can do many things when scanned, for example:

– Load a Vcard with your contact details directly into the recipient’s phone

– Launch your company website or take the recipient directly to your LinkedIn profile

– Take the user directly to your social media platform

– Launch a map of your office via Google Maps

– Take the user to a specific landing page on your site (e.g. directly to the service or product you are selling) or to product data sheets

– Launch a video on YouTube.

Including a QR code makes plastic business cards interactive, and it rewards the user for their effort. In short, they make your business cards work harder for you.

Don’t be put off by the cost for plastic business cards

Plastic business cards have often been rejected as being significantly more expensive than paper, which is true if there’s only one name being produced. But they come into their own for multiple runs of names.

Because of how they’re printed, it’s easy to change the names on each individual plastic business card, for minimal cost. The Card Network can print 500 plastic business cards for £145.13. And you can change the name on every single one for just an extra £20.



Create Christmas invites with a difference

Christmas bauble invitation


If you’re holding a lavish Christmas party or event this year, make an impression straight away by sending guests an invitation with a difference.

Get people talking – and interacting

Rather than sending a traditional paper invitation, think about what a printed plastic cards could do. For a start you’ve already stood out for being unexpected, which will start creating a buzz far in advance of the event.

But printed plastic cards can do much more than just give time and location details of the party.

Include a QR code

Start generating intrigue in the event as soon as your guest opens the envelope. Ask them to scan the QR code to launch a ‘secret’ page on your website. This could contain the location and details of the party, or give a special benefit to those who have put in the effort, for example details of a special VIP area or exclusive offer.

 Reveal Christmas goodies through a scratch panel

Including a scratch panel on your printed plastic cards is a great way to give away a freebie at the event, for example a free cocktail at the bar, or other bonus like tokens for the casino. People love to feel they’ve ‘won’ a benefit, rather than just being handed a voucher at the door.

Exclusive event? Have individual guest names on your printed plastic cards

Having each card personalised with guest names or details gives an impression of an exclusive invite to your event. This is much more affordable than you might think. We can personalise each individual card from as little as £20 extra for 500 cards.

Printed plastic cards are also much more likely to be retained after the event than a paper invite, acting as a reminder of your brand and a great day or night out.

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Plastic scratch cards: reveal more about yourself

We’re getting more enquiries in from companies who are interested in having a scratch panel on their plastic cards. It’s not just promotional plastic scratch cards we’re asked about: we’re increasingly including a scratch panel on business cards, discount cards and gift cards too.

Why use plastic scratch cards? 

Scratch panels work for different organisations in different ways: you can use them at point of purchase for instant win promotions, for fund raising, as an incentive for customers to visit your website and even as parking permits.

Use them as part of your promotion toolkit

We’re often asked to print promotional cards for retailers who are running a big promotion. Scratching off the panel reveals a special PIN or code that is then entered onto the retailer’s website to win prizes. Ask participants to enter their details and you’ve also turned it into an effective means of data capture.

Others use it as a means of ‘instant win’ at point of sale – which allows the reward or prize to be redeemed immediately in store.

Include a discount message your plastic scratch cards or promotional message and you’ll ensure that the card is then kept in your customers’ wallets after the panel has been scratched off.

Make it work for your event

If you’re planning a large party or event, a plastic card party invite is always going to stand out. Turn them into plastic scratch cards and the party goer can reveal their own ‘freebie’ to cash in at the event – a drink at the bar, food, a token for the casino, etc.

Plastic scratch cards are also used by charities for fundraising, and for organisations that need to have a temporary security feature, for example on a gift card or for pre-pay services. 

Make customers engage with your brand

No matter what you use it for, including a scratch panel means that your customers actively interact with your brand. Rather than passively slipping a card into their wallet, they have to make a small effort and actually engage – which makes the reward all the more rewarding.

We can include a scratch panel on most of our plastic cards for a small extra cost. So whether you want your customers to be scratching away at your discount cards, promotional cards or plastic business cards – get in touch.

Printed plastic cards: check your proof!

If you’re about to order hundreds or even thousands of printed plastic cards, like membership cards or promotional cards, it always pays to see an actual example of the card first, before you hit ‘print’.

Except that you shouldn’t … pay any extra to see one, that is.

Peace of mind that you’re getting what you think you are

The last thing you want is to order 3,000 colour club cards only to find that they’re not as thick as you thought they’d be, or the print isn’t as bright as you wanted. The only way to check the end product is to actually see an example of one of the final printed plastic cards. And we mean your final card, with your design elements and information.

Many plastic card suppliers will send you an example of ‘one they made earlier’ for someone else, in order to avoid the expense of creating a press proof*. Whilst that’s great in terms of showing the thickness, it won’t show you how this card will look with your information on it. Insist on them printing one of your cards for you to approve, and they’ll often hit you with a one-off press charge – often up to £50.

It’s also fairly standard practice to send you a pdf proof to approve on email – just a pdf sheet showing the artwork on paper. This is far from fool proof – how can you sign it off when you have no idea how the final card will look?

We’ll provide a sample of your final card – for no extra cost

We want you to be 100% happy with the printed plastic cards you order. The only way we can do that is to provide you with a sample of exactly how your card will look before we print them.

So if you order membership cards, promotional cards, discount cards, loyalty cards, key tags, hotel key cards, custom printed cloakroom tags, plastic business cards or any other bespoke printed plastic cards – we’ll send you a press proof to approve. Which allows you to sign off the order in confidence, because you know exactly how the final product will look.

To us, it’s just sensible. Which is why we don’t charge any extra for the service.

Some cynics out there say we hide it in the cost of the printed plastic cards. But we don’t – our prices remain some of the lowest on the web.

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*Just what is a press proof anyway?

A press proof is a card that’s generated right off the printer press. Or in other words, a sample card that’s printed with all of your information on it, so you can see what the finished article will look like.

The benefits of QR Codes on printed plastic cards

QR codes have been around for a while, but have you thought of using them on your printed plastic cards?

QR codes are a simple way for customers or clients to easily access your website, specific landing page or social media platform, in one scan. As smartphones continue to dominate the mobile market, QR codes are now accessible by the majority, rather than the minority.

Get your business cards working harder for you

QR code plastic business cards
QR codes encourage interaction

Including a QR code helps your business card to stand out in a sea of others – it gives it a point of difference. And it has a lot of benefits. When scanned, the code could:

–          Load your contact details (via a Vcard) into the recipient’s phone

–          Take the user directly to your profile page on your company website or LinkedIn profile

–          Direct them to your company’s social media platform

–          Or take them to a specific landing page on your site – e.g. the individual service you are promoting (particularly useful in large organisations offering multiple products).

Engage with delegates at conferences or Expos

QR codes are a great way to engage with delegates at conferences and visitors at Expos.

For the organisers of events, using QR codes on your printed plastic cards, such as your event passes or ID badges has a number of benefits.

You could promote your schedule of events: scanning the code could download details of the day’s/week’s schedule into the smartphone for example, or a map of exhibitors.

Or if you’re an Exhibitor, you could hand out cards that invite people to ‘scan me to save details of our workshop to your phone’, which would then save the date, time and location into their calendar.

Give someone a reason to scan it

Including an incentive significantly increases the interaction with QR codes. At an exhibition for example, printed plastic cards could invite people to ‘scan me for special food and drink offers’, or ‘scan me to enter a competition’.

For more information about including QR codes on your printed plastic cards, please contact one of our team.

Plastic business cards: multiple names, one run

Plastic business cards are a great way to stand out. Especially in a sea of paper cards that are often fraying at the edges.

Plastic business card
Why not have a business card for everyone in your organisation?

They make a statement. They say you’re a bit different. Add some extra touches like metallic print or a QR code that links directly to your website and suddenly you’re in a different league.

Most importantly, plastic business cards are far more likely to be kept in someone’s wallet than paper ones.

But they’re more expensive. Aren’t they?

Here’s where the cost savings come in

Runs of paper business cards are inexpensive. But in almost every case, you have to pay for each name you want on a business card, because it entails a new set-up at the printers. So if you have 20 employees, the printing costs suddenly multiply x 20.

The difference with our plastic business cards is you can have as many names as you like.

So you might take our 500 business card pack and ask for 10 names to be printed, so each employee receives 50 cards each. We only make a small extra charge for this flexibility – in this case £20.

You could even have a different name on every single card.

How about a name badge for every employee in the company?

If you have 1000 employees, take our 1000 business card pack, send us your information and we’ll print a different card for everyone. Perfect for a big event you’ve got coming up or for people to just to have in the drawer for the next one.  

250 full colour, double sided plastic business cards start from just £112.70.

If you’d like any further information, please get in touch.