Don’t overspend on ID cards, use our card bank

Photo ID cards cost less than you think – especially when you can ‘bank’ any you don’t need for later use

Photo ID cards aren’t just for large companies with the budgets to match.

The Card Network caters for small companies, charities or organisations that want to badge a small number of staff for security or safety purposes. With more ID card suppliers in the UK switching to offering card printers only, we’re proud to still offer ID cards in quantities as small as 10.

Supporting small enterprises and charities

photo id cards
High quality, durable photo ID cards don’t have to break the bank

Many of our customers are small organisations or charities that need small numbers of ID cards for collectors or fundraisers. The nature of their work means they might need one or two new ID cards every month or so, for a new collector or a new event. This leaves them facing two unattractive options: either invest in an expensive ID card printer, or pay for a new print run every time a new card was needed.

We didn’t think this was very fair, so we introduced Card Bank.

Our ID Cards come in packs of 10, 25, 50, 100 & 250.

If you don’t use all of the cards in a pack with your initial order, you can ‘bank’ the remainder with us for future use at no extra cost.

It’s a great way of meeting future card requirements without any hassle or spending further budget.

How does it work?

Simply choose one of our card packs and whatever quantity you don’t use will be held in a virtual ‘bank’. So if you only need 16 cards right now, order the 25 pack and we’ll hang onto the other 9 cards until you need them.

You can then place orders throughout the year, even for single cards, until your balance is used up. There is no extra charge for this service, and you can order as many times as you like. You’ll only pay a small fee for packing and delivery.

What are the benefits of ordering this way?

  • Save time and hassle

Having a bank of cards ready to be ‘drawn down’ whenever you need them makes the process of ordering cards simple and quick – you don’t have to go through the ordering and billing process again.

  • More cost effective

If you order a larger block of cards than you need straight away, you’ll benefit from a lower unit price and you won’t have to pay for any small quantities in the future.

  • Less paperwork

There’s only one purchase order and one invoice to deal with, rather than the hassle of raising paperwork for every individual order.

  • No minimum quantity

You can order your cards in as small quantities as you like, even single cards. The only thing you’ll pay for is a small delivery charge.

  • Fast turnaround

As there are no purchase orders or invoices to be raised, or designs to be created, we can print your cards and despatch them straight away.

Search our range of photo ID cards.

Need more club cards during the year? Don’t pay twice

Most clubs and sports establishments have a membership programme these days, which can range from tens of members to thousands.

Cycling club card
Print new club cards through the year without incurring a new set-up fee

With every new club year comes the need to print new club cards for members. A relatively easy and cost-effective task when you’re working from a database of names: simply send off the details to your printed plastic cards supplier and they print the numbered club cards. Job done.

But what happens when new members join throughout the year?

The last thing you want to do is pay a new set up and print fee for a handful of plastic cards every time someone new joins up. You could buy your own plastic card printer and print them yourself, but that requires a considerable upfront investment – and you won’t get a consistent result.

Print more than you need & we’ll keep them until you need them

Order more club cards than you need right now and we’ll keep the remainder for you to ‘draw down’ on when you need to.

So if you have 410 members at the moment, you might want to order 500 club cards (all of which will be printed at the same time and sequentially numbered). We’ll send you the 410 cards now, personalised with your members’ details, then we’ll hang onto the other 90 branded cards.

When new members join, simply send us the data and we’ll overprint their details onto the club cards we’re holding for you. We only make a small charge for this service to cover the overprinting and delivery.

Which means you could order new club cards for members on a monthly basis for example.

Don’t pay twice for additional club cards. For more information please contact one of our team on 0855 257 8857 or



More than just school ID cards

More and more educational establishments are choosing to equip their pupils and staff with photographic ID cards to increase security onsite. Having bespoke ID cards carrying the school’s logo and branding also conveys a great impression to parents and visitors.

School ID card
ID cards can double up to be secure entry cards

But what else would you like your school ID cards to do?

As well as badging staff and pupils, ID cards can perform a number of functions specific to the school or college environment.

Turn them into an access control card

It’s easy for an ID card to also function as an access control card to allow entry to specific areas of the school. For example, only staff cards would gain entry to the staff room or resources cupboards. The Card Network can provide ID cards that integrate with your existing access control system.

Have them perform as a library card or cashless vending card

ID cards can also double up to be a contactless smart card. For example it could act as a library card and record details of when a book is taken out or returned. Or one function that is proving to be very popular with parents and teachers is that of a cashless vending card. This allows pupils and students to ‘swipe’ for their lunch or snacks rather than handing over cash.

Additional security features

Where you want to step-up security, you can also choose to add a signature panel to the cards or an encoded magnetic stripe.

Plan ahead for school ID cards needed in the future

Buying a pack of ID cards is cheaper and easier than having to buy individual cards. But what if you don’t need all of the cards in the pack? No problem. The Card Network provides a ‘card bank’ option where we hang onto whatever cards you don’t use until you need them. So if you have new pupils or staff joining throughout the year, simply send us their details and photograph and we’ll print a new card from your pack. There’s no minimum quantity and no hassle for you – all we’ll charge is a small posting fee. When your reserves are running low, we’ll let you know so you can plan ahead. Our school ID cards packs are available in packs of 10, 25, 100 & 250 and start from just £93.09 – including card holders and clips.

Branded lanyards and badge reels

Why not print your school or college’s name or logo onto customised lanyards and badge reels for more stand out? This always impresses visitors and school officials.