Spruce up your cloakroom for Christmas

Your Christmas specials are in place and the Christmas decorations are up; you’re all ready for the Christmas rush. But is your cloakroom ready to welcome the extra visitors?

Don’t leave yourself open to negative reviews online this festive season  

Printed plastic cloakroom tags
Ditch the tatty raffle tickets for branded cloakroom tags

When it comes to customer online reviews, you’d be surprised how many people reference a negative cloakroom experience. Lost or mislaid coats or luggage is never the kind of review you want to read about – even less so in the season of goodwill.

If you think it’s time for a Christmas make over, the good news is there’s an extremely affordable solution in the form of plastic cloakroom tags.

Low-cost, off-the-shelf or branded plastic cloakroom tags?

Handing your customers a tatty raffle ticket in exchange for their most prized possessions is arguable worse than giving them nothing at all.  Especially when you can get your hands on 200 low-cost numbered plastic cloakroom tags for just £42.00.

These credit card sized plastic cloakroom tags come in sets of identical numbered pairs: give one to the customer, the other slips over the coat hanger, or is attached to a shopping bag using a luggage strap.

Do so, and straight away the customer is more confident about handing over their Designer winter coat.

Don’t miss a branding opportunity

Print your own logo or brand message onto the plastic cloakroom tags for a more professional image. Doing so shows that you care about your customers’ belongings: that you’ve invested in keeping them safe. The tag is also an advertising opportunity: many people keep their tag beside them at the restaurant table for example, so advertise a long-term promotion or a sister organisation.

The cards are made from durable PVC, so can be reused over and over again.

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Access control cards – be protected over the Xmas shut down

The Christmas shut down can be open season for thieves and opportunists if your building isn’t adequately protected. A lot of companies close their doors over Christmas and New Year to give all staff time off to celebrate the festive season. However this can mean reduced security if a good access control cards system and sensible procedures aren’t in place.

Closed for Christmas sign
Make sure your building isn’t open to thieves this Christmas

In the rush to escape from work on Christmas Eve full of feelings of excitement and goodwill, security can be a bit lax. Make sure your business doesn’t fall prey to those looking for a bonus Christmas present by following a few simple steps.

Tips to keep your building secure over the festive period

1. Make sure valuables are locked out of sight wherever possible – don’t advertise to thieves what’s available. Ideally lock stock and valuables away in a secure room

2. Ensure that you fully ‘lock’ the building for the duration of the holiday and change access rights if necessary, just providing a handful of key users with access

3. If staff members lose their access control cards in the run-up to the Christmas shut down, make sure they are cancelled from the system immediately so they don’t pose a security risk

4. Make sure staff know that the building will be closed and locked over the festive period and that entry will not be possible, even if they have a desperate desire to escape from the family for a day

5. Make a couple of people ‘key holders’ capable of entering the building in an emergency

6. Organise for a key holder to check the premises every couple of days

7. If you have an alarm, make sure it’s linked to a central monitoring station.

Don’t have an access control cards system?

This could be an ideal time to invest in a system as they provide significantly more security than a traditional lock and key. See our blog ‘Which access control cards system do I need’? for more information.

We stock access control cards, key fobs and tokens from all the leading manufacturers including Paxton, Bewator, TDSi, HID, PAC, Cotag, Impro, Indala and Kantech. We also provide smart cards and GenTech, Mifare & Desfire products that work across multiple access control platforms.

Ease the January blues with discount cards

If you’ve over spent during the Christmas period (and let’s face it, most of us do), then January’s a pretty lean month. Everyone’s looking for a deal in the New Year, so get your discount cards into their wallets early.

Get customers through your door in January by offering discount cards

Promote your food deals now

If you’re a restaurant or cafe, attract customers through your doors in January by giving them discount cards. There are deals a plenty around at this time of year as food retailers fight over footfall, so make sure your offer is visible and promoted early. When your customers visit you in December, give them a discount card for January. It’ll be there in their wallets as a shining beacon when beans on toast is on the menu at home. Most restaurants offer a discount off food only, some off the whole bill.

Discount cards aren’t just for restaurants though. Tempt customers back into your store or business during January by offering discounts off your product lines. Again, by handing them out when they shop with you in December, they’ll be there as a reminder in the New Year.

Our cards are made from high quality durable plastic that is designed to retain its good looks over time. Design and artwork are included in our prices.

Print your own plastic cards for Christmas

If you have a plastic card printer you’ll be able to print custom plastic cards for Christmas at the touch of a button. Pick a festive design and you’re good to go. The only question is what plastic card will you create?

Season-up your name badges

If you’re holding a Christmas drinks event this year for clients and customers, instead of giving your staff plain name badges, why not print Christmas ones instead? If it’s a themed event, having printed plastic cards in the same design adds to the fun and is a nice extra touch.

Remind customers of your special offers

Or if you’re in retail and you’re doing daily Christmas offers, give your people a custom printed plastic card to wear with details of today’s deal to remind customers.

Great for parties

Rather than printing paper invitations or sending an email to your guest list for your Christmas party, you could print a plastic card instead. Plastic cards have much more stand out than paper ones and look more impressive to your guests. You could give them a dual purpose – for example, ‘Exchange this card for a free mulled wine at the bar’ or something similar.

If it’s your staff Christmas party, you could have some fun with the card printer and give out Christmas themed name badges for the day. Santa has his little helpers, what about you? Or you could print some Christmas ID cards for the week in the run up to Christmas, adding a Santa hat or reindeer antlers. Get creative!

We sell some of the best quality and most cost-effective printer packages on the market, which are all capable of printing ID cards. Whether you want to print a handful of cards occasionally or need a powerful printer to print double-sided plastic cards regularly, we’ll have a solution to fit. We also stock blank plastic cards in all colours, cleaning kits and printer ribbons.

Advertise Christmas offers on your Hotel Key Cards

December is fast approaching which for most of us means a month of Christmas parties, events and if we’re really lucky a hotel break – whether it’s for a shopping trip with friends or a relaxing weekend away. A lot of hotels use their hotel key cards at this time of year to advertise their festive offers and deals – are you?

Bespoke designed hotel key cards
Personalise your key cards with festive offers

Get festive with your key cards this Christmas

With large numbers of guests flocking into your hotel in December, make sure your hotel key cards are doing much more than just opening a bedroom door. All our hotel key cards are customisable, so why not have them designed with a festive theme?  Then include your Christmas or New Year offers. For example, you could promote your Christmas Day menu or your New Year’s Eve event. Some hotels use their key cards to advertise a particular Christmas competition, a Christmas spa package or a discount off a stay in the New Year. Whatever you choose to promote, hotel key cards can really boost your bookings and encourage repeat business when you use them as a promotional card too.

With prices starting from just £115.50 for 250 full colour, double sided customisable plastic cards with Loco magnetic stripe, you could print a new one for every month of the year.

Buy in a bundle and save

We also sell hotel card bundles which include hotel key cards, plastic cloakroom tags and car park passes & holders for more cost savings.

Impress xmas guests with plastic card event passes

Are you staging a lavish Christmas party this year? Or are you organising a Christmas event or conference and need event passes?

Paper invitation to Christmas party
Sending plastic event passes is more professional and often cheaper than paper invites

If you’re inviting guests to a Christmas themed get-together, why not do something a little different with your invites this year. How about printing some plastic cards as event passes, to give the event more prestige? Sending out quality plastic cards as invites or as entry tickets makes the event feel more exclusive. It also means that people are more likely to hang on to your brand and message in their wallets for longer.

If you’re running a competition or want to hand out some freebies at the event, the plastic event passes could carry those messages for you too. They could offer 20% off at the bar for example, or remind guests to donate to your Christmas cause. Whatever the reason, printing plastic event passes can do much more than just prove eligibility for entry.

We can print your Christmas event passes for as little as £130 for 500. That’s for double sided, full colour cards, custom printed to your own design. On high quality plastic the same thickness as a standard credit card.

What could you do with plastic cards this year?

Plastic cloakroom tags: spruce up for Xmas

Are you still using tatty raffle tickets for your cloakroom tags? If so, maybe it’s time to spruce up your appearance by replacing them with some highly cost-effective plastic cloakroom tags.

Old fashioned raffle ticket
Upgrade from old fashioned, tatty raffle tickets

If you’re in the restaurant, bar or entertainment sector, handing out plastic cloakroom tags is always going to look more impressive than a paper ticket. It’s also far less likely to get lost, so you won’t have the problem of having to match up people and coats at the end of the night.

If you’ve got lots of Christmas parties or people coming in for a Christmas drink, you’ll look much more professional handing out plastic cloakroom tags. We provide full colour and matched number pairs at a very low price: 200 for £42.00. You can choose from various print colours. The 8mm hole allows tags to fit over coat hanger hooks for ease of use.

We can also custom print the tags to your own requirements. So why not include a promotional message about your Christmas deals this year? Or use it to raise awareness of your January offer?  You can have them working harder for you and raising awareness of your retail offers for just an extra £32.50.

Why offer Christmas gift cards?

Christmas gift card graphic
Offer Christmas themed gift cards to increase sales

If you’re a retailer, you’ll be gearing up for the busiest time of the year. Christmas isn’t far away and the organised shoppers amongst us are already beginning to work through the present list. Have you got your Christmas gift cards printed and ready?

All major retailers offer plastic gift cards in a choice of designs, but you don’t have to be a national high street store to provide plastic gift cards to your customers. All shops and establishments, no matter how small, can boost sales during the Christmas period by providing high quality gift cards to customers.

The benefits

As well as increasing sales in the run up to Christmas, gift cards also ensure you have visiting customers during the New Year – many of whom will spend more than the value of their gift card. They also introduce new customers into your store and encourage repeat visits from your existing ones. For a small initial investment, a gift card can give much more in return.

Which type of gift card?

It’s time to get rid of those paper vouchers. We can provide 250 gift cards custom printed to your own designs from just £111.75. These are the same thickness as a standard credit card. You can have cards printed in £5, £10 and £25 quantities, or provide ‘blank value’ cards of different designs that are then pre-loaded. For the latter, you’ll also need the technology to manage card balances in-store. This could work with your existing loyalty card scheme. If you have any questions, please get in touch with one of our friendly team, they’ll be more than happy to help.

Plastic gift cards are easily stored, issued and tracked, unlike paper certificates. Then of course there’s the fact that your card is a constant advertisement in people’s pockets.

So the only question left is what designs will you choose? A traditional Santa or a winter wonderland scene? Design and artwork are included in our prices, so why not let us have a look for you.


Use plastic promotional cards for your Christmas offers

Christmas gift offers
Get customers Christmas shopping early with promotional cards

Have you thought about how you’ll promote your Christmas offers this year? It’s a tough economic climate out there at the moment, as retailers and businesses gear up to their most competitive time of the year: capturing the Christmas market. One way you can ensure that customers choose to spend their Christmas money with you rather than your competitors is to provide them with plastic promotional cards.

Handing out quality plastic promotional cards creates a great impression: they have a higher perceived value than paper vouchers and are far more likely to be kept in your customers’ wallets.

What will you be promoting this year? How about a time based offer that runs throughout November to incentivise your customers into starting their Christmas shopping early? You could offer a discount on specific ranges, or run a 3 for 2 offer on Christmas themed goods. Some retailers use plastic promotional cards to offer extra loyalty points and also to run a competition that pushes people to their website. They are also an excellent way to get back in touch with customers who haven’t visited you for a while, if you hold their details on file.

Having some plastic promotional cards printed is a highly cost-effective way to generate extra sales for you in the run up to Christmas.

Our double sided promotional cards are custom printed to your own design and start from just £98.25 for 250. Design and artwork are included in the price. At these prices you could run weekly offers in the run up to Christmas, and promote your January sale. Search our range.