School custom lanyards boost school spirit

School custom lanyards don’t just aid security in terms of identification, they can also help to unite pupils and students by promoting a sense of belonging.

Custom printed school lanyard
Increase security & foster a sense of belonging at the same time

If you’ve been tasked with re-stocking the shelves with school lanyards, don’t just default to the standard ones before you’ve considered the benefits of custom designed.

School custom lanyards aren’t as expensive as you might think and have a number of benefits. Along with school ID cards, they help with identification and security. They make students more visible for a start, and whereas it’s easy for a third party to source a standard ‘staff’ or ‘student’ lanyard to blend in, it’s extremely difficult for them to create their own branded one.

They’re also a great way to identify specific classes or groups within the school, for example junior students and senior students could have different colours.

Let’s not forget the parents here either: surveys show that parents particularly value the security and visibility benefits of school custom lanyards.

Promote a sense of school community

School custom lanyards also help to boost school spirit amongst teaching staff and pupils. Print your school’s logo or mascot and use your school colours to create a lanyard that can be worn with pride.

By creating a different lanyard for senior students or the sixth form, it’s also far more likely that they’ll be worn without complaint. Junior pupils will ‘aspire’ to having one as they move through the school and the sixth form will be happy to have a visible badge of their seniority.

School custom lanyards are also great for school clubs and organisations, where they give a sense of belonging to a select group.

500 school custom lanyards designed to your own specification start from just £252.00.


Safeguarding with school ID cards: Deyes High School

All schools have a responsibility to provide a secure and safe environment for pupils, staff and visitors. Pupils need to feel safe, parents need to be confident that procedures are in place to safeguard their children and staff need to feel that everything has been done to make the working environment a safe place to work.

But this doesn’t mean putting up expensive security barriers or other costly access systems – a lot can be achieved through common sense and by investing in some cost-effective paper or card solutions.

School ID cards help to improve security

Many primary and secondary schools are now looking into printing school ID cards for staff and pupils. As well as improving security by identifying the wearer and whether they have the right to access the building, school ID cards also promote a sense of community.

Deyes High School in Liverpool saw the benefits of school ID cards back in 2010. They contacted us in the early part of the year about the best way to print ID cards in-house, when they needed to.

We recommended a Pronto printer with the right software to help them easily and quickly print school ID cards throughout the year. As promoting the community of the school was also important to them, they also had some custom lanyards printed with their own branding and school colours – something that parents in particular always appreciate.

The following year, Deyes High School upgraded their entry-level plastic card printer to the Evolis Dualysis printer – capable of much more powerful performance, and continue to order consumables from us.

A different look for sixth form

Custom printed lanyards don’t just help to unite the school together; they also act as a visual identification. Deyes High School ordered some custom lanyards in 2011 specifically for their sixth form students – making it easy to identify pupils from a distance.

100 custom printed lanyards, printed to your own design start from just £130.20.

Search our range of school ID cards or plastic card printer packages.

Child ID cards: a new fixture at family festivals?

Family-friendly festivals are more popular than ever. From one-day music festivals like the Underage Festival in London to quirky weekend creativity spectaculars like the Just So Festival in Cheshire, our children are getting bitten by the festival bug early.

But as the festivals get bigger and more popular, the chances of parents becoming separated from their children increase.

Camping festival
Child ID cards help with lost children

Child ID cards are a great safety precaution for children and parents

If you’re organising a family friendly festival this year, what plans do you have in place to handle lost children? How will you reunite them with their parents quickly?

Providing children with their own festival ID card is a great way of capturing all necessary personal information into one place. Including a photograph makes the child feel important and grown up (so they’re more likely to wear it without complaint).

Include parents’ names and telephone numbers, plus any allergy, special needs or healthcare information on ID cards. All of this ensures that the child gets the best care and swift action if they are in an accident or become separated from their parents.

If you’re offering camping over the festival, the ID cards become even more useful. It’s easy to become separated in a busy campsite, particularly when there are lots of other children to play with.

Make sure they’re visible

The cards can be attached easily like a name badge, or worn around the neck on a lanyard for older children. In our experience, a lanyard makes children feel like they’re at a ‘real’ festival – another bonus.

But are they cost effective?

You can buy a reliable and powerful plastic card printer from just £585.38, which includes everything you need. Although it might seem like a large initial outlay, you’ll be able to use it again next year – or for other requirements.

Simply take a photograph on the day and print the ID cards onsite. Or to save time in the welcoming process, ask families to send the information to you in advance.

Just be aware of data protection laws when it comes to children – do not store any of the personal information, and ensure relevant staff have gone through CRB checks.

You could even make a small charge to parents for the service.

The ID cards also gives the children a great memento of the festival to take home with them. And for parents, an ID card that can be used again.

Looking for a family friendly festival near you this summer? The Independent lists the top six child-friendly festivals here.




Are you prepared for hotel conference season?

Hotel conference registration
Speed up registration and increase security at the same time

If you’ve got a large conference or exclusive event coming up, you’ll be immersed in planning. Branding, access and security are likely to be just some of your priorities. It might help to ask yourself the following:

–    Have you made the most of the branding opportunities?

–    How are you going to badge attendees and ensure a smooth ‘check-in’ process?

–    How will grant the people access to the right areas of the conference – and keep others out?

Branding and security work hand-in-hand

Consistency of branding makes a great impression. If you have a theme and a brand for the conference, you’ll probably have applied it across everything from the welcome programme to the exhibition stands and menus.

Have you considered your name badges?

One of the first touch points with your brand is at arrival. If you’ve gone to a huge effort to brand your conference, don’t miss your name badges out. Include your logo and other conference details onto a personalised plastic card which could them be attached to a custom designed lanyard.

Rather than a simple name badge, provide a photo ID card instead – this aids security and identification and helps with introductions and recognition between attendees.

You can either have ID cards printed ahead of the conference by asking attendees to send over photographs, or print them on the day with a plastic card printer.

Increase security through customised access control cards

Giving access control cards to your attendees is a great way of granting access to the conference (and making sure other hotel guests don’t wander in for example), whilst still allowing freedom of movement.

You can also program access control cards to grant access rights for specific areas; so everyone can access the main conference room, but only certain people can access the VIP area.

Access control cards can also:

–    Have promotional or reminder messages printed on them, with event details or function information on for example

–    Act as cashless vending cards or store spending information.

Also ensure that you have enough access control cards and hotel key cards in stock to meet the rush of guests and attendees: the best laid plans will go to the wall if the cupboards are bare.


Keep your VIP area for VIPs only

Everybody wants access to the VIP area at an event or a festival, which means they’ll try various ways to gain entry. Especially if there’s free food and drink up for grabs. Here are a few tips to help keep your VIP areas just for VIPs …

Members only area
Printed plastic cards aid security & ease of entry

Give VIPs their own event pass

Have VIP printed plastic cards ready to give to your favoured guests when they ‘check-in’ to the event, or post them out prior to it. If you have them printed in a different colour to the rest of your event passes, they’ll be easy to spot.

This isn’t foolproof though, especially if they become lost or stolen. And if your event goes on for longer than a day, clever event go-ers may try to replicate them.

Turn your printed plastic cards into photo ID cards for added security

If it’s a really exclusive event, consider giving printed plastic cards that double up as  photo ID cards. There are two ways you can do this:

1. Ask your guests to send a photograph before the event and have the plastic cards printed in advance through a plastic card supplier like The Card Network – cards can be fully personalised and branded

2. Invest in a plastic card printer, so you can take photographs and print the cards out on the day.

There are benefits and cons to both approaches: the first requires you to gather the information well in advance (and you will always have people who don’t meet the deadline), whereas the second could slow down the process of entry. Doing both might be wise if it’s a large event, it means you can badge any guests who didn’t meet the deadline on the day.

Specific lanyards also help

Giving VIPs different coloured lanyards to hold their printed plastic cards/event passes is a simple way to aid identification and is really cost-effective, especially if you have various ‘levels’ of VIPs. ‘VIP’ branded lanyards are also available, but these are easily bought elsewhere, and you won’t know which are genuine or which aren’t.

Customised lanyards

Printing your own lanyards could be the answer. You can customise them to your own colour, message and graphics. These won’t be easily replicated. Combine them with a photo ID card and even the most seasoned blaggers will struggle to gain entry.

More than just school ID cards

More and more educational establishments are choosing to equip their pupils and staff with photographic ID cards to increase security onsite. Having bespoke ID cards carrying the school’s logo and branding also conveys a great impression to parents and visitors.

School ID card
ID cards can double up to be secure entry cards

But what else would you like your school ID cards to do?

As well as badging staff and pupils, ID cards can perform a number of functions specific to the school or college environment.

Turn them into an access control card

It’s easy for an ID card to also function as an access control card to allow entry to specific areas of the school. For example, only staff cards would gain entry to the staff room or resources cupboards. The Card Network can provide ID cards that integrate with your existing access control system.

Have them perform as a library card or cashless vending card

ID cards can also double up to be a contactless smart card. For example it could act as a library card and record details of when a book is taken out or returned. Or one function that is proving to be very popular with parents and teachers is that of a cashless vending card. This allows pupils and students to ‘swipe’ for their lunch or snacks rather than handing over cash.

Additional security features

Where you want to step-up security, you can also choose to add a signature panel to the cards or an encoded magnetic stripe.

Plan ahead for school ID cards needed in the future

Buying a pack of ID cards is cheaper and easier than having to buy individual cards. But what if you don’t need all of the cards in the pack? No problem. The Card Network provides a ‘card bank’ option where we hang onto whatever cards you don’t use until you need them. So if you have new pupils or staff joining throughout the year, simply send us their details and photograph and we’ll print a new card from your pack. There’s no minimum quantity and no hassle for you – all we’ll charge is a small posting fee. When your reserves are running low, we’ll let you know so you can plan ahead. Our school ID cards packs are available in packs of 10, 25, 100 & 250 and start from just £93.09 – including card holders and clips.

Branded lanyards and badge reels

Why not print your school or college’s name or logo onto customised lanyards and badge reels for more stand out? This always impresses visitors and school officials.


It’s festival season. Access all areas?

It’s festival season and the sun is finally shining. Will this be the year sales of sun tan lotion outdo the sales of wellies? Probably not.

Whatever size of festival you’re running, there will be security and access issues to consider. Plastic event passes, ID cards and lanyards are all ways of making sure that the right people gain entry to the festival, and to the right areas.

Designing your own lanyard with the festival’s branding is a great way to promote the event in the first place as well as give ticket holders a means of displaying their pass at all times. We can provide 1000 high quality custom designed lanyards for just £364.00.

Plastic cards for events and festivals
High quality event passes

There’s nothing like the hype of receiving your lanyard and event pass through the post. As well as looking more professional, printing your event passes on plastic cards instead of paper means they are more durable and have a higher perceived value. It also reduces your risk of forgeries, especially if you provide numbered cards. Ask festival goers to provide their name and photographs in advance, and you can have bespoke ID cards waiting for them at the gate.

From a security point of view, you might want pre-printed staff lanyards for your workers or contractor lanyards. Some of our clients also design bespoke lanyards for different categories of ticket holders, e.g. an ‘access all areas’ colour and design or one specific to the campsite, for those who have paid for a tent pitch.

Print your own plastic cards

If security is one of your primary concerns, consider buying a plastic card printing system so that you can provide photographic ID badges on the day. The investment required upfront isn’t prohibitive, and you will easily recoup that investment. They’re quite small so are easily portable.  All you’ll need is a digital camera to take a photograph of the ticket holder. You can upload it onto your laptop and print out cards as and when people arrive. You can pick up a Magicard system from as little as £797.00, which allows you to print cards with security features including ISO magnetic strip encoding and the HoloKote anti-counterfeit watermark.

Make sure you have a stock of blank cards with you – again, you could use different colours of cards for different access privileges.

Custom printed lanyards: what would you like yours to do?

A lot of companies don’t consider having their own custom printed lanyards as they think it will be too expensive. But with prices starting from just £130.20 for 100, it’s more affordable than you might think, and having your own distinct lanyard really helps your brand or message to stand out.

Design your own lanyards
Have your own design printed on lanyards

Present your organisation professionally
We can incorporate your slogan, design and graphics to create your own bespoke lanyards to help your company stand out. As well as holding plastic cards, they can also hold non-card applications like mobile phones and digital cameras.

Promote an event or offer
Custom printed lanyards are a perfect way to promote a trade show, exhibition or event; or to show off your latest marketing promotion.

Protect your staff or attendees
Printing your own lanyards can provide additional security within the workplace or at organised events, where they can highlight which areas the wearer is allowed to enter for example.

We use the highest quality flat and woven materials to produce premium lanyards that are great value and are long-lasting. They have a glossy finish that shines over standard polyester lanyards and our print colours tend to be brighter which really helps your branding or message stand out.

We can include your choice of colours, logo and any design or graphics and create the lanyards to your choice of length, width and clip.

Want to see a sample of one of our custom printed lanyards? No problem – call or email us and we’ll send one out right away.