Making the most of your access control system?

Lots of small businesses have some kind of access control system onsite. In the main, the system was brought in to replace traditional locks & keys, with employees using an access control card or token to gain entry through the front door. But could it be doing more to protect your business?


HID access control wall reader
Adding a new access control reader into your system can pay dividends

Your access control system could be doing more to look after your property and assets

Are there sensitive areas within your building that contain valuable assets or information, or could be classed as ‘dangerous spaces’, for example a warehouse? If so, you should think about controlling who has access to them.

Don’t make yourself vulnerable to theft

As much as we might not like to think about it, employee theft is not uncommon. If you have expensive stock or products, make sure they are in an area managed by your access control system. Only those authorised to enter will be able to gain access.

Keep confidential information confidential

Certain business information will be better protected through access control cards, particularly as traditional keys can be copied, or used by disgruntled or past employees. Securing the area where personal employee information or financial details are held for example makes sense – and makes you less vulnerable.

Protect yourself & your workforce

Workplace accidents like slip and trip incidents often happen because people access areas that they shouldn’t, or areas that they haven’t received the proper training to be in. Ensuring that these ‘increased risk spaces’ are restricted through your access control system protects both your people and your business.

Restricting people’s access to your stock, money storage, sensitive information or increased risk areas can help protect your business, your people and your bottom line.

If you have specific areas that should have limited access, talk to your security provider about adding them into your access control system. We stock a range of industry-leading HID readers (for prox, iClass and Multiclass) and access control cards and tokens from HID, Paxton, Bewator, TDSi, Kantech, Indala, Cotag, Impro and PAC.

HID prox readers now in stock

The Card Network has been selling HID prox cards, keyfobs and tags to customers all over the UK for a number of years. Due to customer demand, we’ve now expanded our HID range to also offer HID prox readers, HID iCLASS and HID MultiCLASS access control readers.

Which means our customers can buy everything they need for their access control system in one place.

HID prox reader
All HID readers come with a lifetime warranty

Buy with confidence

HID is often referred to as the ‘gold standard’ in access control. We now stock a number of the most popular and award-winning HID prox readers, iCLASS and multiCLASS readers. All come with a lifetime warranty from HID.

Customised to your order

All HID prox readers and smart card readers are customised to your order. All options are included within the quoted price – there are no hidden costs. Simply choose from a handful of options in the drop down menu and we’ll do the rest.

Not sure exactly which options to choose?

All the information you need to order can be found on your existing system – either on the original packaging your reader came in, or on the reader itself.

Look for a label. This will show the name of the reader, and the model number. The model number contains all the data you need.

– The first four digits is the HID Base Part No (e.g. 6100 or 5355).

– The next series of letters and numbers will guide you when choosing your options – these relate to colour options, hardware options, configuration settings etc. Simply choose the letters and numbers as they appear on the label on the drop down menu.

Still unsure?

Our friendly team is happy to help! Simply give us a call or send us an email with a photo of your label or box and we’ll advise you which HID prox readers or smart card reader you need.

Please note that HID prox readers should be fitted by a qualified person in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions. We are unable to provide technical assistance for installing your reader.

Read more about these readers on the HID site.

Everything access control for EE (Everything Everywhere)


Superfast broadband & 4G phones
Superfast delivery for superfast broadband provider

EE is the UK’s most advanced digital communications company and was the first in Britain to offer superfast 4G services alongside fibre broadband. EE run the EE, Orange and T-Mobile brands and deliver to over 27 million customers. The Card Network started working with EE back in July 2011, when they were still known as Everything Everywhere.

The right access control products

EE were looking for a supplier they could trust to deliver the right access control cards and consumables, so they contacted us. In July 2011, we supplied them with 2000 TDSi microcards and new printer ribbons for their plastic card printer.

At the end of December 2011, EE came back to us for corporate format HID cards. Over the next six months, we were to supply more TDSi cards, HID cards and printer consumables such as ribbons and card printing software.

Superfast broadband needed superfast delivery

In July 2012 they contacted us with a new request. With the official launch of EE and the UK’s first 4G mobile network scheduled for a few months time, all staff were going to need new access control cards. We sourced them a combined HID card that would combine several access control cards into one.

We ensured that all 12,000 HID cards and consumables were with EE well in advance of the launch of the new brand and continue to supply them on an ongoing basis.

Search our range of access control card products.

Are Proximity Cards the right access control cards for you?

The sheer number of access control readers and cards on the market can make choosing one bewildering. What type of reader system should you choose? Which manufacturer? What type of card or token?

The answer depends on what you want the system to do. Are you looking to simply upgrade from your traditional lock and key system, or do you want something more sophisticated, to grant different access rights to your staff for example? For some help on where to start read our blog ‘Which Access control cards system do I need?’.

One of the most common questions we’re asked is about the differences of the different access control cards. In this blog we’ll look at the Proximity Card.

HiD access control card
Proximity cards are available from a range of manufacturers

How Proximity cards work

As their name suggests, Proximity cards contain information that can be detected by an access control reader when the card is near them. For the technology minded of you, each proximity card has an antenna embedded within it that transmits information encoded as a radio signal. ID badges of this kind are also called RFID or ‘Radio Frequency Identification’ cards. A proximity card reader positioned between 2.5 and 20 inches (depending on the model chosen) receives this signal and grants or denies access accordingly. Unlike contactless smart cards, proximity cards do not have the ability to have new information written onto them.

Who uses Proximity cards?

Proximity cards are often the first choice for organisations that need to restrict entry into particular areas, particularly large businesses with multiple sites. Only card holders with the right access rights will be granted entry. Proximity cards can also bring an added level of security when used hand-in-hand with ID card software. ID information about the card holder that is stored on a microchip is transmitted in a radio wave – this then appears on a computer screen to verify the pass holder’s identity.

The entrances and exits of the card holder can then be logged into a computer database, providing a record of who was in a specific area at any given time.

For these reasons, proximity cards are often used by businesses and institutions that work with sensitive information or significant sums of money, e.g. government buildings, military bases, hospitals, banks, credit card companies and insurance companies. Proximity cards are also used by schools for student and employee ID cards.

The next level of security

You can also invest in software that will immediately notify company security if an attempt is made to enter an area with an unauthorized proximity access card. Other software is available that protects your computer network by detecting invasions from unauthorised computer databases.

We stock proximity cards, keyfobs and tokens from the leading manufacturers: Paxton, HID, Bewator, TDSi, Pac, Cotag, Indala and Kantech. We also stock GenTech access products, which are lower priced compatibles that work across multiple platforms.