Do your bit to help the plastic problem

New clear biodegradable ID card holders now in stock – just £7.00 for 100

We’re all aware of the plastic problem.

It’s thought that more than five trillion pieces of plastic are awash in the world’s oceans – and significantly more trillion are on land. Given it can take hundreds of years for some of that plastic to breakdown, it’s no wonder we’re all looking for alternatives.

It’s all about making small changes in our everyday existence.

Small changes add up, whether that’s choosing paper straws, selecting individual fruit and veg, or being a bit more careful about your choice of ID card holder.

New Bio Badges – clear and biodegradable ID card holders

Making something biodegradable often means adding a premium onto the price tag, but not so here.

Our Bio Badges are available at the same price as our previous ID card holders – just £7.00 for 100.

These card holders are manufactured from Ox-biodegradable plastic. This technology converts the plastic into biodegradable materials at the end of their use, by oxidation in the presence of oxygen.

In other words, the plastic begins to degrade and physically disintegrate when in the ground within a few weeks to 1-2 years (as compared to many years), making them more eco-friendly.

You’ll sacrifice nothing in quality as opposed to our previous card holders, but you will be making a difference to the environment.

If you’re interested in other biodegradable card holders in other colours, please get in touch.

Badge reels, lanyard or both?

What’s best to hold your ID card or access control card or fob: badge reels, lanyards or a combination of both?

It really depends on what you need it to do, and how you’ll use what’s attached.

Access control card, fob or token?

Retractable badge reels
Retractable badge reels are great for access control fobs and cards

Retractable badge reels are ideal for presenting cards, key fobs or tokens to the access control reader. Just pull the key fob or card towards the reader and the cord then retracts into the reel. The badge reel has a clip that easily attaches onto a belt, bag or trousers, making them especially ideal for active workers. Badge reels come in a range of colours and can also be customised to your own logo or design.

Event pass or ID card?

If you just need a card to be visible around the neck, then a lanyard is the easiest way to do it. You’ll also need an ID card holder for the card to sit in, which then clips onto a lanyard. There are many lanyard options out there, from pre-printed staff, contractor and visitor lanyards to custom designed lanyards that are printed to your own colours and design. Most lanyards are safety breakaway lanyards, which means the card holder automatically detaches if it becomes trapped.

ID card that’s also an access control card?

If your ID card is also an access control card, a lanyard would provide the most visibility, whilst still giving the flexibility for presenting the card to a card reader. Lanyards can be custom designed to your own logo and colours, which also helps with identification. A combined lanyard and badge reel gives even more flexibility. The retractable cord makes it easier to present the access card, key fob or token in situations like gaining entrance to a car park for example.