Card Sample Packs now available – oh yeah!

Membership cards samplesNow you’d think that all printed plastic cards are the same, wouldn’t you?

Well they’re not.

The quality of print and materials can vary from supplier to supplier. And then there’s the vast array of finishes and features available, from spot UV varnish to foiling and metallic stripes. These can turn a good card project into a stunning card project – if you know what to ask for.

Try before you buy

We don’t expect you to take our word for it when we say we create great quality plastic cards.Loyalty cards samples

So if you’re thinking about ordering some plastic cards, we’ll happily send you out some samples of what to expect. You’ll get to physically hold and see the difference between matt and gloss finish; and to see for yourself the difference a bit of foiling or varnish can make.

Because a photograph just can’t convey that ‘ooh’, in the same way that a tactile print finish can.

We have samples of everything from Membership Cards to Loyalty Cards, Cloakroom Tags, Hotel Key Cards, 2-part snap-off cards, Key Tags and car park passes. And if you’re interested in a particular feature, like barcode, metallic stripe or QR code, or in a special finish, we can send examples of those too.

Cloakroom Tags samplesSimply email us at or give us a call on 01244 526009 to give us an idea about your card project, and we’ll get our card samples on their merry way to you.

Oh, and one other thing. We manufacture all our printed plastic cards right here in the North West – we never outsource overseas. It’s the only way we can stay in control of the quality process.



Printing branded plastic cards? Make the back count

Rocksalt cloakroom tag

Whether you’re getting some membership cards, cloakroom tags, loyalty cards or key tags printed, don’t miss out on the branding opportunity presented on the back.

Most plastic card companies will print on the reverse of the card within the same quoted price, or for a bit extra.

So when you’re thinking about your design, here are a few ways to really make the back count.

Cloakroom Tags – branding, a disclaimer and even sponsorship Benares restaurant cloakroom cloakie tag

The back of your Cloakroom Tags is the perfect place for your disclaimer and Ts and Cs, but also for a message in your brand’s distinctive tone of voice, like Rocksalt’s “If you’ve got this ticket, we’ve still got your stuff.”

Atul Kochhar’s Benares Restaurant uses the back as a sponsorship opportunity – with Cobra taking pride of place. Perfect partnership.

Membership Cards – Fixture lists, sponsorship and member benefits

Rugby membership cardThere’s loads of ways to maximise the opportunity presented by the back of your membership cards. We have a number of clubs that print their fixtures on the reverse and others that promote other club facilities.

It’s also prime advertising space. Offer it up to the right sponsor, and you can Printed membership cardeasily cover the cost of the cards, and enhance your own brand image at the same time.  Think about relevant local partners or national brands that would be interested in the profile of your membership, or even brands that you sell internally that may want extra promotion (for example food or drink providers).

You can also use the back to remind members of the benefits or discounts available to them.

Hotel key card
Or just give a simple instruction!

Hotel key cards

There’s loads you can do here. Promote other services available in the hotel like your spa or restaurant, raise awareness of a special offer or give a discount on a repeat booking.

Carden park hotel key card
Include checkout times, useful numbers and other guest information

You could also use it to remind guests of useful numbers or opening/checkout or breakfast times, like Carden Park in Cheshire does for example.

Loyalty cards

Discounts, offers and text relating to the loyalty scheme are all ideally placed on the back so you don’t have to mess up the branding and design on the front. Put your social media buttons on there too.Printed loyalty cards

Or you could include a guest message encouraging card holders to call to book or pre-order for example, like Kemps Bistro in Liverpool have done here.

Bar tab cards

We’ve all got home after a night out to discover a bar tab card in our pocket. Which can mean only one thing – your bank card isn’t. A message on the back of the bar tab card is reassuring, and can be as fun as you like.

Basically, the back of a plastic card is up for grabs, and if you’re going to the expense of getting cards printed, it’s worth maximising the potential of both sides. You could of course include a QR code, signature strips or include blank panels that you can write members’ details or expiry dates on for example.

Why plastic key tags are our unsung heroes

Branded key tagsMeet our superhero, ‘Mr Adaptable’

They’re dinky. Handy. Always visible. Incredibly adaptable. And very cost-effective.

In our view, plastic key tags are mini super heroes, just minus the capes.

Branded key tags are one of the few plastic cards that can be used for multiple purposes: promotion, loyalty, labelling, information, discount offers, reference: the list goes on.

They’re also highly visible, rather than being hidden in a wallet. They happily dangle off a key ring, reminding the owner of their presence.

And at just £110 + VAT for 250 branded key tags printed in full colour on both sides, they super cost-effective.

Packing a mighty powerful punch for one so small

Branded key tags make great:

  1. Mini loyalty cardsBranded key tag

Add a barcode that works with your loyalty system and make sure your customer never loses out at the point of purchase. Tesco seem to have made it work quite successfully.

  1. Mini membership cards

Forgotten your main membership card? Just show your key tag instead, or save the budget and do away with main membership cards altogether.

  1. Promotional cards

    De Vere membership key tag
    Print key tags to go with your membership cards, or just do away with the cards altogether

Think of your key tags as mini billboards, there to advertise your next promotion or brand message. Use them to advertise your happy hours or special weekly theme nights, or remind customers of a regular monthly event. Or just use it as a branding opportunity.

  1. Discount cards

Remind customers that they can get a discount off their next purchase, on presentation of the key tag.

  1. Staff reference cards

Get key employee information on show, not hidden away in a handbook. Key tags make great reference cards because they’re always visible. Use them to remind staff of key health and safety information, employee standards or processes and procedures.

  1. Helpline reminders

Plastic key tags are easy ‘go to’ reference points for important numbers. If given to key holders for example, you could include telephone details of the alarm company. Or for lone workers, telephone numbers of head office support.

  1. Accommodation Key Holders

    Branded key tags holiday parks
    Leaving blank areas on the design gives you the flexibility to add your own names, numbers or details

We get a lot of orders from accommodation providers, particularly caravan parks and holiday lodge parks, because they’re a great way to add a brand or promo message to sets of keys that are given out to guests. Or leave a blank space to add individual accommodation numbers.

8. Key labels

If you store sets of keys in your office, like estate agents or property maintenance companies do, why not label them with your own branded key tags? They’ll convey a more professional image to your customers, and you can leave a space blank for handwriting your own details on.

One other thing – The Card Network offers free design and artwork on branded key tags.


Introducing our membership cards ‘mini-me’

They say ‘small is beautiful’, and who are we to argue. We’ve just brought out a range of membership cards and loyalty cards that come with a replica key tag for your customers to attach to their key ring.

It means they’re never without their membership cards, even if they don’t have their wallet to hand.

membership cards and key tag
The key tag easily snaps off to be affixed to a key ring

Our cards are rather attached to their ‘mini-me’.


We can now supply your membership cards or loyalty cards with the key tag attached. It’s then easily snapped off. It’s a much easier solution than separate cards, is more cost effective and easier to mail. Feedback also tells us that they’re well received by customers.

The next time you’re ordering membership cards or loyalty cards, think about the benefits of key tags. For just a small extra fee, you can ensure your customers carry your cards around with them at all times. And what’s more – key tags keep your brand name visible, rather than hidden away in a pocket or purse.

250 double-sided full colour cards with snap-off key tags start from just £192.75

New product: numbered key tags

We’ve just added a new product to our plastic cards range: numbered key tags.

We’re always listening to our customers. So when we started receiving requests for generic numbered key tags rather than fully branded and customised ones, we thought  ‘we can do that’.

Sequentially numbered key tags
Sequentially numbered key tags perfect for labelling keys

Simple and cost-effective 

Our key tags are perfect for companies who need to securely label sets of keys, for example estates or letting agents, or property management companies. They also provide a really cost-effective solution for accommodation providers, particularly lodges or caravan sites.

Because we already have the technology to print key tags, we’re able to offer them at exceptionally good value: just £27.55 for 100 sequentially numbered key tags.

Our tags are also used by companies who need hard-wearing, easily moveable labels for wiring, components or warehouse stock items.

For just £5 extra, you can customise the numbering or lettering on the key tags, which is ideal when you need to create different sets of keys for use by different people within your organisation – e.g. S001-S050 for Sales.

Anything else you’d like to see?

Is there a type of plastic card you’re looking for that you’re struggling to find? Or do you have any suggestions for a new card you’d like us to supply? We welcome feedback and suggestions – please get in touch!

View our numbered key tags.


Why holiday parks should use key tags

You know those little key tags that Tesco gave you with your club card – the one you put on your key ring so you wouldn’t forget to use it? Handy things, aren’t they? They’re great for making sure you always use your loyalty card, but they can also do much more – particularly for accommodation providers and holiday parks.

A mini billboard for your latest advertising campaign

If you run a self-catering complex or a holiday or caravan park, printed plastic key tags are an ideal way to get a targeted message to your customers. So instead of handing over just a set of keys to their cottage, cabin or caravan, include a branded key tag. Promote your restaurant, a specific offer or a particular activity on-site, or advertise a sister development or partner.

You could also use key tags to remind holiday makers of handy information, like restaurant or pool opening times, or health and safety information relating to the park.

Raise awareness of holiday homes

Holiday park key tag
Advertise your holiday home offer or promotion on quality key tags

If you also have holiday homes available on the park, let people know about these too. You’ve already got a captive audience, one who may not be aware of this particular opportunity, so spread the word.

One Holiday Park who has recently seen the potential of this is Rookley Country Park on the Isle of Wight, who has printed some key tags advertising their holiday home offer.

Our key tags start from just £96.39 for 250 double sided & full colour plastic cards, including design and artwork.

Loyalty cards – keep customers coming back

Why consider investing in a loyalty card programme? Loyalty cards give your customers more reasons to love you. Which means they’ll visit you more often, and tell their friends.

Loyalty card programme
Reward and incentivise customers with loyalty cards

Implementing a loyalty card programme does require upfront investment, and whilst you might not see that money back in the coffers immediately, it won’t be long until you’ve recouped that investment, and more.

We all know that it’s cheaper to retain customers than try and attract new ones. Providing loyalty cards will increase retention levels as customers feel they are being rewarded for shopping with you. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, just giving good customer service isn’t enough – people want to feel that they are getting a little extra for their custom. By recognising and rewarding your best customers, they’ll feel valued, which means they’ll buy more – and more often.

You’ll need to think about what you want your loyalty cards to offer. Do you want to provide reward points, discounts or other perks? Maybe you want to team up with other suppliers to be able to offer affiliate deals, for which you can agree a share of the deal. Think about whether you want your customers to simply spend more (increase the size of their regular order for example), or come back to you more often.

As well as providing your customers with loyalty cards, consider loyalty key tags too. People love them: they can easily affix them to their key ring, which means they never forget their loyalty card and are a constant reminder of your business.

We provide 250 double sided, full colour key tags measuring 54mm x 29mm from £96.38. All our prices include design and artwork.

We can also provide systems to set up and run your loyalty cards scheme. Please call us for more details.

Loyalty key tags – your own mini billboard

Loyalty key tags
Key tags increase customer loyalty

If you already run a customer loyalty programme, you’ll know how successful loyalty cards can be at encouraging repeat business. But do you also provide key tags to your customers along with their loyalty cards? Small and easy to fix onto key rings, key tags are a constant reminder of your business – and they ensure your customers never forget to use their loyalty cards.

Providing reward points, discounts and other perks to your customers are a really effective way to ensure they choose to shop with you over your competition. So think of your loyalty key tags as a mini-billboard in your customers’ pockets. Small and handy, people love them. And as our key tags are made from high quality durable plastic (the same thickness as a standard credit card), they hang onto their good looks over time.

250 double sided, full colour key tags measuring 54mmx29m start from just £96.38, including design and art working.

Customer loyalty card programmes also allow you to track what your customers buy, and use that information for future marketing campaigns. We can provide systems to set up and run your loyalty card scheme. Please call us for more details.