Beware clones: are your Mifare cards genuine?

Mifare cards are one of the most widely used and best-selling smart cards on the market, most commonly used as contactless cards, e-tickets and readers worldwide. Most transport providers use Mifare cards, as do schools, sports organisations and many other businesses.

Genuine Mifare cards use NXP chips from NXP Semiconductors, a trademarked product that guarantees quality, security and reliability.

Printed mifare cards
Cloned Mifare cards can compromise your security and are illegal

Could your Mifare cards be clones?

Until quite recently, the market has been awash with unauthorised cloned cards from China. These cloned alternatives are much cheaper, but use unstable technology that fails to deliver the performance and security of authentic Mifare cards. They are also illegal and NXP will act against anyone infringing on their trademarks.

What are the problems with cloned cards?

Non-genuine products can cause considerable problems in a contactless system. They are less stable, have a shorter read range and can cause interruptions or disturbances in the service they provide. In short, failure rates are high. Your security may be seriously compromised – a serious message for organisations out there who depend on secure access control, such as schools, hospitals or government buildings.

What can you do to check if your cards are genuine?

If you’re concerned that your Mifare cards may be clones, send one to us for testing, with no obligation.

If you’re dealing with significant numbers of Mifare cards, AdvanIDe has just launched the Mifare Classic clone checker kit, which detects whether the chip contained within your cards is authentic. The kit includes a NXP Semiconductor reader, as well as additional test cards and software. You can find more information on this here

What are NXP doing about the problem?

REACT, the anti-counterfeiting network and NXP recently signed an agreement to stop unauthorised copies of NXP’s Mifare products. Within their first month, they have successfully removed over 4000 auctions that were attempting to sell the clones. NXP will not tolerate any infringement on its rights and will take all necessary action against those who sell or use their trademarks.

At the Card Network we only sell Mifare cards with genuine NXP chips.

Printed Mifare cards now available


Genuine mifare cards printed
Choose from a range of options and security features on your printed Mifare cards

The Card Network now provides double-sided print on Mifare Classic 1K and 4k chip cards.

This new printing service offers businesses, schools and organisations the flexibility to brand their printed Mifare cards, and choose from a range of features including numbering, variable text, signature panels, barcodes, as well as encoded & unencoded magnetic stripes.

Why use printed Mifare cards?

Mifare cards use NXP-Semiconductors trademarked chips, which are widely used in contactless smart cards and proximity cards. Thanks to their reliability and low cost, the cards are used by all kinds of organisations for different applications.

Printed Mifare cards are commonly used for access control, ticketing, transportation and as a smart ‘wallet’

Schools and colleges commonly choose printed Mifare cards because they’re capable of many functions. As well as being used for access control (for entry to the library for example) they can also be used for cashless vending (where a student ‘swipes’ for their lunch), to check out library books, or to access the computer system.

Printed Mifare cards are also well suited to environments where a low level of security is required. Sports clubs often use them as a means of allowing members to enter the locker rooms, and because they can also allow them to access their account at the bar.

The cards also act as perfect tickets – use them as season membership cards for example, and swipe them to get through the turnstile at a football match. They’re also widely used by transport providers as electronic tickets.

Genuine chips, high quality print

All the cards we supply contain genuine NXP Mifare chips: we don’t sell compatibles from the Far East. Our modern print set up doesn’t use surface print, so both the card and chip remain safe under the laminate overlay.

The chips in the card are supplied unencoded. If you have any special requirements for your printed Mifare cards, or you’re not sure which type to order, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss your project. All our prices include design and artwork.

250 full colour, double-sided 1K printed Mifare cards start from £399.00.