Spas: theme your printed gift cards for Mother’s Day

If you’re a spa or beauty salon, Mother’s Day is one of the biggest events in the calendar. Spa vouchers or printed gift cards are one of the most popular gifts for mums and grandmas on Mothering Sunday (especially for those who ‘have everything’).

Theme your printed gift cards for Mother’s Day

Rather than giving out a standard card, why not create special Mother’s Day printed gift cards instead? We know they’re well received by mum and the buyer alike – and they’ll be a great advertisement or reminder sitting in your spa window or reception desk.

Customised printed gift cards is easy to do with your own card printer

A plastic card printer is a worthwhile investment if you want to customise your own printed gift cards cards and print them in-house. They aren’t as expensive as they used to be, and for organisations that regularly have a need for plastic cards, the investment quickly pays for itself when compared to using a card bureau (i.e. a provider that prints the cards for you.)

Many spas have a membership programme or loyalty scheme, and so have an on-going need for membership cards or loyalty cards as well as printed gift cards – all of which can be printed using a card printer.

If you’re part of a Hotel or entertainment complex, the printer can also be used to print promotional messages on the back of hotel key cards, or even on staff ID badges.

Which printer?

The printer you choose will depend on the volume of cards you need, and frequency.

For most organisations looking for an entry-level printer that doesn’t need to do anything too clever, or act as a workhorse, the Evolis Badgy fits the bill.

The Badgy is a complete and quick card printer designed to ‘plug in and print’. It’s incredibly easy to use and comes with all the software you need to custom design your own cards. You’ll even find some Mother’s Day templates ready for you to personalise your printed gift cards here. The Badgy is on sale for £585.38, including one year’s warranty.

Mother’s Day falls on Sunday 30th March this year. Don’t forget.

Mum’s the word – but not on your promotion

It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday 10thMarch. The one day of the year that mums everywhere are taken out for lunch. So your restaurant or eatery should be fully booked. But with families everywhere feeling the pinch, more and more people are looking to create a special occasion at home. So how are you going to tempt them out the door and into your establishment?

Mothers day gift
Give each table a special gift for mum as part of your promotion

Get your offer right
Look around to see what’s available nearby – what is the competition offering? How can you differentiate yours? Create a special menu or introduce a ‘kids eat free’ perk. Or think about what you can provide as an added incentive to book that doesn’t cost much but has a high-perceived value, like a small gift or a special cupcake for each mum. If young families are your market, think about hiring a child’s entertainer, or laying on some kind of activity. If you can keep the kids entertained, mum gets a rare opportunity to eat her lunch in peace.

Promote it now
Get your offers front-of-mind now. Start with your regular customer base and make them aware of what’s on offer. It’s always easier to create more custom from those that already ‘love’ you than to attract new friends.

Send an email or a text. Get your deals out on Twitter, Facebook and any other social media channels you use. Also hand something out with a customer’s bill, or send them something through the post. Plastic promotional cards and discount cards are the perfect way to get noticed, they won’t be ignored like an ad in the paper or on a website. Ensure the promotional cards have longevity by promoting a discount for every future booking – or reminding them of your regular lunch offer. Plastic promotional cards aren’t thrown away like paper vouchers are, they’ll be a reminder in your customers’ wallets for months to come.

Don’t forget about local websites and online directories too. And if you have lots of seats to fill, consider promoting your offer on a discount site like Living Social or Groupon. As is the case with any marketing promotion, utilising multiple channels will always deliver greater response than relying on any one medium.

We can provide 250 full colour, branded promotional cards for just £98.25. We’ll even do the design and artwork for you at no extra cost.