It’s Cloakroom Tags season!

Coats are beginning to creep out of the wardrobes everywhere. Which can only mean one thing – Cloakroom Tags season is upon us.

It also means that we’re inching closer to the unmentionable word that starts with ‘Ch’ and ends with ‘mas’ because restaurants and hotels are getting their seasonal themed orders in.

Take advantage of our current Design Change promotion and get event or Christmas themed tags included in your order for free

We’re currently running a promotion where you can have up to three different designs printed in the same print run, for no extra cost.

So if you had 400 pairs of Plastic Cloakroom Tags printed for example, you could split them into 300 pairs of regular branded tags, 50 with Christmas branding, and 50 branded to an event you have coming up, and it won’t cost you any extra.

And the greater the volume of cards you order, the lower the price per card.

The promotion runs until 15th October 2018.

plastic cloakroom tagsWhy you should go branded over paper Cloakroom Tickets

If you’re still using paper cloakroom tickets, or (heaven forbid) raffle tickets, upgrading to plastic Cloakroom tags has many benefits.

  1. They’re durable, wipeable and reusable. They’re also much less likely to be lost in someone’s wallet.
  2. They’re much more professional. What does handing out a tatty piece of paper say about your brand?
  3. You can personalise them on both sides with your logo, to your event, and with your own disclaimer text.
  4. They give the right impression. Which would you rather receive when you hand over your designer coat, a branded plastic card or something you get in the school tombola?
  5. You can also use them for bags.
  6. They’re unlikely to be torn off or lost in the cloakroom.

Change it up a bit with our custom Cloakies™

mini plastic cloakroom tags cloakies

Our custom Cloakies™ are half the size of a regular credit card, and customers love them because they’re a bit quirky.

Want to see one? Ask us for a sample.


New ‘Hangers’ design Cloakroom Tags now available

No time to order Custom Cloakroom Tags, or budget won’t stretch?

Want something a bit more colourful than just black and white numbered tags?


Cloakroom Tags Hangers Design

Introducing our new plastic Cloakroom Tags with a bright hangers design, available off-the-shelf for next day delivery.

You can snap up a set of 100 matched, numbered pairs of credit-card sized tags for just £54.72 + VAT.


Ideal for events, restaurants, conferences and clubs

With the nights fair drawing in, coats will be coming out of wardrobes all over the country. And rather than being given a paper ticket when they hand them over to you, customers would much rather be given a professional looking plastic tag.

They’re also much less likely to lose it, making life easier for you, especially at the end of the night.

All our plastic Cloakroom Tags are durable, reusable and ideal for coats, bags and other types of luggage.

We have a range of ‘off-the-shelf’ Cloakroom Tags available, including our mini Cloakies™.

Join our campaign for happier cloakrooms

Enough is enough, we say.

Show your cloakroom some love today

We’re tired of reading reviews on TripAdvisor about the state of the cloakrooms around the UK. Customers lose coats, hats, expensive bags: one even lost an antique clock. So we’ve decided to rally the cause and do something about it.

Join us in our campaign to restore the cloakroom’s reputation 

Is it the cloakroom’s fault that so many customers leave unhappy? We don’t think so. They’re often expected to do their job of safeguarding with only a tatty raffle ticket to aid them, or worse still, nothing at all. Neglected and unloved, they’re powerless when similar-looking jackets are brought in, or when a customer takes a fancy to a bag that isn’t theirs.

Show your cloakroom some love today

It doesn’t take much to make a real difference. Just £42.00 will get you 100 numbered pairs of plastic cloakroom tags. But the benefits don’t stop with a happier cloakroom.

For your £42, you’ll also get happy customers. Those plastic cloakroom tags give them reassurance that their belongings are secure and safe.

And that, as they say, is priceless.

If you want your cloakroom to feel really proud handing over their plastic cloakroom tags, brand them with your logo or own design. Think of it a bit like a plastic business card, conveying the right impression. 100 custom printed, full colour numbered pairs of plastic cloakroom tags start from £185.38.

Give customers and their coats a happy forever after

Give cloakrooms back their dignity and self-esteem. Join us in our campaign for happier cloakrooms and let’s make 2014 the year we abolish the raffle ticket.

Who’s with us?

Ever had a bad cloakroom experience that ruined your day/night? We want to know about it! Share it with us on Twitter using #happiercloakrooms

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