Plastic scratch cards: reveal more about yourself

We’re getting more enquiries in from companies who are interested in having a scratch panel on their plastic cards. It’s not just promotional plastic scratch cards we’re asked about: we’re increasingly including a scratch panel on business cards, discount cards and gift cards too.

Why use plastic scratch cards? 

Scratch panels work for different organisations in different ways: you can use them at point of purchase for instant win promotions, for fund raising, as an incentive for customers to visit your website and even as parking permits.

Use them as part of your promotion toolkit

We’re often asked to print promotional cards for retailers who are running a big promotion. Scratching off the panel reveals a special PIN or code that is then entered onto the retailer’s website to win prizes. Ask participants to enter their details and you’ve also turned it into an effective means of data capture.

Others use it as a means of ‘instant win’ at point of sale – which allows the reward or prize to be redeemed immediately in store.

Include a discount message your plastic scratch cards or promotional message and you’ll ensure that the card is then kept in your customers’ wallets after the panel has been scratched off.

Make it work for your event

If you’re planning a large party or event, a plastic card party invite is always going to stand out. Turn them into plastic scratch cards and the party goer can reveal their own ‘freebie’ to cash in at the event – a drink at the bar, food, a token for the casino, etc.

Plastic scratch cards are also used by charities for fundraising, and for organisations that need to have a temporary security feature, for example on a gift card or for pre-pay services. 

Make customers engage with your brand

No matter what you use it for, including a scratch panel means that your customers actively interact with your brand. Rather than passively slipping a card into their wallet, they have to make a small effort and actually engage – which makes the reward all the more rewarding.

We can include a scratch panel on most of our plastic cards for a small extra cost. So whether you want your customers to be scratching away at your discount cards, promotional cards or plastic business cards – get in touch.

New membership cards, new look?

The new sporting season isn’t far away, have you organised your new membership cards?

Summer has finally made an appearance, but before we know it we’ll be into the new football, rugby and hockey seasons. Which means it’s time to get your 2013/14 membership cards ordered.

Rather than just ordering a re-print of last year’s design, have you thought about refreshing the look of your club cards?

Many clubs default to their previous design because they either:

a)      don’t have anyone in-house with design skills and the right software package, or

b)      think it will be too expensive to ask someone else to do it.

Free design and artwork

All of our membership cards prices include design and artwork as standard. We don’t add a premium on to our costs for this service. We see it as providing added value, because we want you to be really happy with your membership cards, and for your members to be proud of having them in their wallets.

After 20 years in the card industry, we have an eye for what works well on a plastic card, so why not let us create your design for you?

Changing colours and updating graphics can make a big difference

Creating a fresh, more modern design says that you are a progressive club – one that people want to be associated with. You also want your members to feel that they are getting value for their membership fee, and a smart, branded card puts out the right message.

If you’ve been using the same design for a number of years and simply changing the details, it’s probably time for a change.

Simply send us your logo, colours and any other requirements and we’ll do the rest.

Search our range of membership cards.



Keep your VIP area for VIPs only

Everybody wants access to the VIP area at an event or a festival, which means they’ll try various ways to gain entry. Especially if there’s free food and drink up for grabs. Here are a few tips to help keep your VIP areas just for VIPs …

Members only area
Printed plastic cards aid security & ease of entry

Give VIPs their own event pass

Have VIP printed plastic cards ready to give to your favoured guests when they ‘check-in’ to the event, or post them out prior to it. If you have them printed in a different colour to the rest of your event passes, they’ll be easy to spot.

This isn’t foolproof though, especially if they become lost or stolen. And if your event goes on for longer than a day, clever event go-ers may try to replicate them.

Turn your printed plastic cards into photo ID cards for added security

If it’s a really exclusive event, consider giving printed plastic cards that double up as  photo ID cards. There are two ways you can do this:

1. Ask your guests to send a photograph before the event and have the plastic cards printed in advance through a plastic card supplier like The Card Network – cards can be fully personalised and branded

2. Invest in a plastic card printer, so you can take photographs and print the cards out on the day.

There are benefits and cons to both approaches: the first requires you to gather the information well in advance (and you will always have people who don’t meet the deadline), whereas the second could slow down the process of entry. Doing both might be wise if it’s a large event, it means you can badge any guests who didn’t meet the deadline on the day.

Specific lanyards also help

Giving VIPs different coloured lanyards to hold their printed plastic cards/event passes is a simple way to aid identification and is really cost-effective, especially if you have various ‘levels’ of VIPs. ‘VIP’ branded lanyards are also available, but these are easily bought elsewhere, and you won’t know which are genuine or which aren’t.

Customised lanyards

Printing your own lanyards could be the answer. You can customise them to your own colour, message and graphics. These won’t be easily replicated. Combine them with a photo ID card and even the most seasoned blaggers will struggle to gain entry.

Use plastic promotional cards for your Christmas offers

Christmas gift offers
Get customers Christmas shopping early with promotional cards

Have you thought about how you’ll promote your Christmas offers this year? It’s a tough economic climate out there at the moment, as retailers and businesses gear up to their most competitive time of the year: capturing the Christmas market. One way you can ensure that customers choose to spend their Christmas money with you rather than your competitors is to provide them with plastic promotional cards.

Handing out quality plastic promotional cards creates a great impression: they have a higher perceived value than paper vouchers and are far more likely to be kept in your customers’ wallets.

What will you be promoting this year? How about a time based offer that runs throughout November to incentivise your customers into starting their Christmas shopping early? You could offer a discount on specific ranges, or run a 3 for 2 offer on Christmas themed goods. Some retailers use plastic promotional cards to offer extra loyalty points and also to run a competition that pushes people to their website. They are also an excellent way to get back in touch with customers who haven’t visited you for a while, if you hold their details on file.

Having some plastic promotional cards printed is a highly cost-effective way to generate extra sales for you in the run up to Christmas.

Our double sided promotional cards are custom printed to your own design and start from just £98.25 for 250. Design and artwork are included in the price. At these prices you could run weekly offers in the run up to Christmas, and promote your January sale. Search our range.


Custom printed lanyards: what would you like yours to do?

A lot of companies don’t consider having their own custom printed lanyards as they think it will be too expensive. But with prices starting from just £130.20 for 100, it’s more affordable than you might think, and having your own distinct lanyard really helps your brand or message to stand out.

Design your own lanyards
Have your own design printed on lanyards

Present your organisation professionally
We can incorporate your slogan, design and graphics to create your own bespoke lanyards to help your company stand out. As well as holding plastic cards, they can also hold non-card applications like mobile phones and digital cameras.

Promote an event or offer
Custom printed lanyards are a perfect way to promote a trade show, exhibition or event; or to show off your latest marketing promotion.

Protect your staff or attendees
Printing your own lanyards can provide additional security within the workplace or at organised events, where they can highlight which areas the wearer is allowed to enter for example.

We use the highest quality flat and woven materials to produce premium lanyards that are great value and are long-lasting. They have a glossy finish that shines over standard polyester lanyards and our print colours tend to be brighter which really helps your branding or message stand out.

We can include your choice of colours, logo and any design or graphics and create the lanyards to your choice of length, width and clip.

Want to see a sample of one of our custom printed lanyards? No problem – call or email us and we’ll send one out right away.

Membership cards: is it time for a refresh?

Design refresh membership cards
We’ll send you a proof to approve before printing

When’s the last time you refreshed the look of your membership cards or club cards? Are you still using the same layout, just changing the details every year? If so, maybe it’s time to have a new look at your cards. Even making small changes like changing colours or updating the general look of your membership cards or club card can make a big difference, and go a long way to making sure your members use their cards with pride.

Make your cards attractive as well as functional
Some sports and leisure clubs, particularly if they are internal gyms within an organisation, focus on making their club cards functional. At The Card Network, we focus on making them functional and attractive, so they look good in and out of your members’ wallets. Simply send us your logo, corporate colours and any other design requirements and we’ll do the rest.

Personalising membership cards for Airbus
When we were asked to quote for providing over 5,000 membership cards to Airbus’ Broughton Wings Sports & Social Club, we were more than happy to oblige. We also took their very simple functional cards and gave them a design refresh, incorporating their own distinctive branding. Our client was delighted, and we were rather pleased with the results too.

So the next time you’re renewing your club cards why not let our team suggest how you could improve them? We have an eye for what works on a card, and a design proof is included within all of our prices. Our membership cards start from just £120.90 for 250 full colour, double sided cards with numbering. Want to check the weight and quality of one of our cards? Call us and we’ll be happy to mail out an example to you.

Hotel key cards – a great promotional tool

If you’re still using your hotel key cards purely as a means to open doors, you’re missing a great promotional opportunity.

Holiday Inn hotel key cards
Turn your key cards into a promotional tool

Our full colour double sided key cards are ready and waiting for your latest marketing message. Use them to shout about your latest offer or turn them into discount cards for a guest’s next booking. Raise awareness of your other hotel services, like your restaurant or spa facilities. Or you could introduce a club card for your spa or gym.

We regularly print key cards for clients like De Vere Hotels to promote a time-based offer or to showcase deals to encourage repeat visits.

Our full colour, double sided hotel key cards with Loco magnetic stripe start from just £115.50 for 250.