New branded Bar Tab Cards now available – just £102 for 100

plastic bar tab cards

We’ve been printing quite a few branded bar tabs for our restaurant and club customers lately, so we thought we’d make them easier for you to find.

Here they are!

Just £102 for 100 plastic bar tab cards, or £122 for 200

Prices are for full colour print on both sides of the card, and include your choice of gloss or matt print finish. Same thickness as a standard credit card.

You could have them printed with sequential numbers for a little extra.

They’re durable and reusable – and look far more professional than a paper ticket, and will last a lot longer too.

Use the back to include some text or a disclaimer 

plastic bar tab cards

Print is included on both sides of the card, so you could use it to remind your customers of usage rules.

Or give a fun reminder of what do to if they take the card home with them instead of their bank card (which let’s be honest, we’ve all done).

We can include a load of features or finishes on the cards if you’re looking for something special, like spot UV varnish, or embossing. 

Don’t forget we can set your artwork for just £25.

Want to see a sample before you buy? Just get in touch.

2016: A review in Cloakroom Tags

Cloakroom Tags Restaurants Rocksalt

As we look back on a year of some cracking Cloakroom Tag orders, we wonder what’s in store for 2017.

Here are just a few of our favourites.

We’d happily have any one of these looking after our coats. Must organise a road trip for later in the year…

JanuaryPontio, Bangor Pontio Cloakroom tag

Pontio, Bangor University’s Arts and Innovation Centre, opened its doors at the tail end of 2015. We proudly printed the Cloakroom Tickets for all the lovely people who’ve visited since.

FebruaryRocksalt, KentRocksalt cloakroom tag

This is by far one of our favourite Cloakroom Tags, ever. Beautiful branding, quirky messaging – exactly how it should be. We hear tell that the food is knock out, too.


MarchJamie’s Fifteen, London Jamie Oliver Fifteen Cloak Tag

Doesn’t need much by way of introduction. Suffice to say, we were pleased as punch to send these beauties down to London.



AprilBirmingham Hippodrome hippodrome cloakroom tags

Simple, yet brilliantly effective. The bold colours make a collection of Cloakroom Tags that really stand out.

MayRoux at the Landau, London

It was a run of Cloakies® for Roux at the Landau, the gourmet French restaurant based in the Langham Hotel. This is one order we really wish we could have delivered in person.

JuneFairway Village in Wimbledon Wimbledon Cloakroom Tag

More Cloakies® – this time for Sports World and their hospitality offer at the Fairway Village, during the Championships at Wimbledon. Very jealous of the people who got their hands on one of these. And the strawberries and cream.

JulyThe Langham, London Langham Cloakroom tag Cloakie

Cloakies® again (can you spot a theme)? We’ve worked with the Langham for a number of years and just love their iconic pink, which is to be found across their wallpaper, teddy bears, crockery … and now their mini Cloakroom Tags.

Sky Garden Restaurant coat tagAugustSky Garden, London

Delighted to have printed more Cloakroom Tags for the spectacular Sky Garden with its breathtaking views across London. The only question is, which restaurant to choose?


SeptemberOxo Tower, LondonOxo Tower Cloakroom Tags

Why have one Cloakroom Tag when you could have four? It’s the first time we’ve ever printed a separate tag for coats, bags, mobiles and umbrellas – and since then, we can’t help wondering why everyone else doesn’t do it. Genius.

Dabaar restaurat cloakroom tagOctoberDarbaar, London

Next time you’re in London, we highly recommend you hang up your coat and get hold of one of these. Great food. Great elephant.


John Soane museum cloakroom tagNovemberSir John Soane’s Museum

If you’re on the road trip, you’re probably full up by now and in need of some culture. So go and pick up one of our full size tags or mini Cloakies® and enjoy all that the Sir John Soane’s museum has to offer. We think they look great together.

December – Santa’s very own cloakroom tag Christmas Cloakroom tag

This one formed part of our Christmas Card last year. Let’s hope the big man didn’t forget to pick up his red coat…

Check out our Cloakroom Tag prices.

Why have one Cloakroom Tag when you could have four?

Oxo Tower Cloakroom Tags

The cost effective way to print different tags for your Cloakroom & improve your guest experience

We’ve just printed some cloakroom tags for the prestigious Oxo Tower on London’s South Bank. We were absolutely delighted to look after the coats of guests in this well-known London landmark.

And mobile phones.

And umbrellas.

And bags.

Four tags for (nearly) the price of one

Rather than create just one tag for all of their customers’ belongings, the Oxo Tower have gone for four different cloakroom tags. But they haven’t had to pay four different set-up fees for each run.

So if you order a pack of Cloakroom Tags from us (for example 400 matched pairs), you can have as many designs as you like in that pack for just £25.00 per additional design. You can divide up the quantities however you like.

So if you wanted four different designs on your tags, you’d only pay an extra £75.00, rather than paying for an entirely new run, as is the case with some plastic card printers.

Which is what the Oxo Tower did. Hand in your bag or your mobile phone to the cloakroom, and you’ll be handed an appropriate Cloakroom ticket. Which doesn’t just make it easier for cloakroom staff to find items on a busy day, it also makes for a better customer and brand experience (not forgetting that they just look great).

Hippodrome Cloakroom Tags
Theme cards to each cloakroom or area

If you have different Cloakrooms within your establishment, you could have Tags printed for each, like Hippodrome Casino did.

Or if you have a number of different events coming up, why not include the name of each one with your own branding on a run of Cloakroom cards?

Time to embrace the plastic?

If you’re still using cardboard tags or dare we say it, raffle tickets for your Cloakroom, perhaps now is the time to reconsider. Cloakroom Tags can be a very effective tool in your overall branding and customer experience. After all, who really wants a ticket that looks like it’s from the school tombola in exchange for their designer coat?

Search our range of Cloakroom Tags.


10 reasons you should swap to plastic cloakroom tags


Trevor Sorbie cloakroom tag
What does your cloakroom currently say about you?

If you’re still using paper cloakroom tickets, or (sharp intake of breath) raffle tickets in your cloakroom, here are some very good reasons why you should consider upgrading to plastic cloakroom tags.

1. They’re much more professional.

When is a raffle ticket ever a fair swap for a designer coat? Providing plastic cloakroom tags says that you care about the belongings you’re being entrusted with, and it speaks volumes about your business too.

2. You can brand them – on both sides.

As well as pre-printed options, you can personalise the plastic cloakroom tags to your own brand in full colour, front & back. Which means you could also include a promotion, or even advertise a sister establishment. Or just have a bit of fun with them.

3. They’re rarely lost (and easy to find).

Being plastic and just like a credit card, cloakroom tags are generally kept safe in a wallet or purse. They’re easy to locate and much less likely to be thrown away by accident, thus avoiding the disgruntled queue of people who are forced to wait until the end of the night to get their stuff back.

4. They’re wipeable and reusable.

You can drop plastic cloakroom tags in your Margarita as many times as you like and they’ll still come up smelling of, er, lime. The point is, you can use them over and over again, unlike paper. Even if you laminate your paper tags, they soon become grubby.

5. They’re much more secure, and difficult to copy.

If you buy ‘off the shelf’ paper tickets, then so could someone else and you’d have no way of knowing which is genuine. Printing a unique number on every numbered pair gives you further security. All our pre-printed Cloakies have unique numbers.

6. They support your ‘use less paper’ policy.

Because the tags are made from durable plastic, they can be reused time and time again, unlike paper tickets which are a one hit wonder.

7. They’re unlikely to be accidentally torn off or ‘lost’ in the cloakroom.

In a busy cloakroom or hotel where bags are constantly being moved around pre check-in or post check-out, it’s not unusual for paper tickets to be torn off.

Plastic cloakroom tags can’t be physically torn off coat hangers. And if they’re secured on to bags with bag loops, they withstand wear and tear and jostling about.

8. You can put a disclaimer on them (in the nicest possible way)

Whatever your Ts & Cs are for cloakroom use, print them on the reverse.

9. You can also use them for bags.

Our flexible bag tag loops make it easy to affix the cloakroom tags to luggage or shopping bags.

10. They just look nicer.

Which would you rather receive when you hand over your expensive jacket – a professionally branded plastic card, or something you get at the school Tombola?

Search our Plastic Cloakroom Tags and Cloakies® at

Cloakies – the mini, quirky cloakroom tags

Mini branded plastic cloakroom tag
Go mini – and give your customers a branded experience throughout

The Card Network has just added full colour, mini cloakroom tags to their list of printed plastic cards –  Cloakies.

The Cloakie has been designed for restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions who want their own colour branded cloakroom tags but might have previously been put off the price. The Cloakie is half the size of a regular cloakroom tag or credit card but is the same height, so it’s still easily visible in a wallet or purse. And because it’s smaller in size, it’s also smaller in price.

Neal Smith, MD of The Card Network explains how it came about as an idea:

We have many restaurants and hotels who order plain plastic cloakroom tags because they want to move away from using tatty raffle tickets, but can’t quite stretch to their own branded version.

he Cloakie aims to bridge the gap. It’s smaller so it’s more cost effective, but it’s still big on impact. Initial feedback shows that our customers love them because they’re a bit different – they’re quirky.”

Stave off negative customer reviews

A quick look on Trip Advisor shows how damaging a poor cloakroom experience can be. Giving a cloakroom tag for every bag or coat checked-in significantly reduces the likelihood of belongings being lost or stolen. And a branded cloakroom tag will always look more professional than a generic one.

Cloakies are full colour on both sides, and are custom printed to a specified design. They are supplied in numbered pairs, with one card being given to the customer, the other slotting easily over a coat hanger. Made out of quality plastic, they are reusable and durable.

Prices for Cloakies start from £128.00 for 200 and include free design and artwork.

It’s not just restaurants and hotels that are seeing the benefits of custom printed cloakroom tags. The Card Network’s customers include hairdressers, museums, galleries, nightclubs, bars and private members clubs.


How much of a mini-break can bitcoins buy you?

Could we soon be purchasing theatre tickets with Bitcoins?

With Expedia joining over 60,000 online retailers that accept the virtual currency, travel by bitcoin is set to become a lot easier, and more widespread

Bitcoins aren’t exactly top of the list for most organisations when they’re setting up online payment methods.

But with their popularity soaring, it could be time for travel companies, retailers and those in hospitality to consider their worth – particularly in terms of attracting a new audience.

Expedia raises the bar

Expedia announced that it was joining the ranks of travel companies accepting Bitcoins as payment a couple of weeks ago. It is only accepting the virtual currency (or more accurately, ‘crypto currency’) for hotel bookings at the moment, and it’s only being trialled in the US. But if it’s a success, it’s likely that they’ll roll this out globally across all their other travel services. Which means paying for a whole city mini-break ‘virtually’ could soon become a possibility.

This isn’t new in the travel market – other smaller travel organisations have been accepting Bitcoin for some time now, but when a player the size of Expedia sets out its stall, you can expect others to quickly follow.

It’s already been proven possible

Last year, a newlywed couple from Utah decided to embark on a social experiment to see if they could navigate the world – and purchase every living necessity – for 3 months just using Bitcoin. You can read more about the experiment and see their series of films document their travels and challenges here.

Currency still volatile

With growing numbers of people making their fortune from the mining of bitcoins, adopting the currency as a payment method could open up your offer to a new, highly affluent audience.

But before you rush off to enable your website to accept restaurant bookings, or provide theatre, museum or gallery tickets via the crypto currency, consider the risks.

The currency is still highly volatile and has been in the news lately with regards to security breaches. Expedia themselves don’t ‘hold’ the currency, they trade it back into Dollars at the end of each day.

Its value can vary wildly – at its peak back in March, a single Bitcoin was valued at $1,200. Last week it was around $500.

Have you looked into bitcoins as a potential payment method? Would you? We’d love to know what you think.

New to the world of Bitcoin? Read some FAQs here.



Spruce up your cloakroom for Christmas

Your Christmas specials are in place and the Christmas decorations are up; you’re all ready for the Christmas rush. But is your cloakroom ready to welcome the extra visitors?

Don’t leave yourself open to negative reviews online this festive season  

Printed plastic cloakroom tags
Ditch the tatty raffle tickets for branded cloakroom tags

When it comes to customer online reviews, you’d be surprised how many people reference a negative cloakroom experience. Lost or mislaid coats or luggage is never the kind of review you want to read about – even less so in the season of goodwill.

If you think it’s time for a Christmas make over, the good news is there’s an extremely affordable solution in the form of plastic cloakroom tags.

Low-cost, off-the-shelf or branded plastic cloakroom tags?

Handing your customers a tatty raffle ticket in exchange for their most prized possessions is arguable worse than giving them nothing at all.  Especially when you can get your hands on 200 low-cost numbered plastic cloakroom tags for just £42.00.

These credit card sized plastic cloakroom tags come in sets of identical numbered pairs: give one to the customer, the other slips over the coat hanger, or is attached to a shopping bag using a luggage strap.

Do so, and straight away the customer is more confident about handing over their Designer winter coat.

Don’t miss a branding opportunity

Print your own logo or brand message onto the plastic cloakroom tags for a more professional image. Doing so shows that you care about your customers’ belongings: that you’ve invested in keeping them safe. The tag is also an advertising opportunity: many people keep their tag beside them at the restaurant table for example, so advertise a long-term promotion or a sister organisation.

The cards are made from durable PVC, so can be reused over and over again.

Search our range of plastic cloakroom tags

Fit plastic cloakroom tags onto bags the easy way

Bag straps for cloakroom tags
Fix your cloakroom tags onto bags the easy way

Plastic cloakroom tags are great when it comes to looking after coats and accessories. Simply hand the customer the branded duplicate tag, and slip the other one over the coat hanger. Job done.

But what happens when you’re handed something that doesn’t easily fit onto a coat hanger, like a bag or a piece of luggage?

Try and tuck the tag into a pocket? Prop it up and hope no-one moves it? Perform some sort of balancing trick?

Or just use a flexible plastic loop?

Plastic cloakroom tags are one of our most popular products – we supply to restaurants, bars, hair salons & tourism destinations all over the country – all of who want to manage their guest experience from the minute they walk in the door.

So when they asked us to help with tagging bags, we suggested flexible plastic loops.

Our 152mm flexible loops of clear plastic allow you to easily attach the plastic cloakroom tag to the bag or item.

And at just £3.96 for 100, they’re a no brainer when you’re next ordering your plastic cloakroom tags.




What are your customers saying about you online?

If you’re a restaurant, hotel or café, you can live or die by online reviews. With user-generated content everywhere on the web, a bad customer experience can quickly reach hundreds or even thousands of potential customers. Love it or hate it, sites like are the first place people look when they’re researching where to stay, or where to take colleagues or family out for a meal.

Do you know what your customers are saying about you?

A few bad reviews can do lasting damage to your reputation and your business. Are you aware of what’s being said about you online? You might not like what you find, but if you’re armed with the knowledge, you can take steps to do something about it. If you’re not, you’ll see the effect on footfall into your establishment, without knowing why.

Manage your reputation

Do thorough research. If you find a negative comment, do some PR management and post a reply to try and resolve the situation. Apologise and ask them to get in touch with you so you can offer a discount or voucher for their next visit. Even if you can’t convert a dissatisfied customer, you can give a positive impression to the hundreds of other potential customers who may be reading the review.

You might also find there’s a problem in an area of the business you weren’t aware of.

Take steps to address problems

Learn from the feedback online and implement changes. You’d be surprised how many guests complain about the cloakroom in establishments. Comments like “Beware the cloakroom”, “cloakroom items lost” and “get some cloakroom tags!” are common on TripAdvisor.

Many establishments simply don’t have a system for the cloakroom, so it becomes a ‘free for all’, with coats and accessories going missing. Many that do have a system still hand over tatty paper tickets, which does nothing to inspire confidence. How much damage is this doing to your brand and reputation? What impression is it giving your customers from the minute they walk in the door?

An easy & cheap problem to fix

For just £42 you can get 200 pre-printed plastic cloakroom tags in numbered pairs. One slots easily over the coat hanger, the duplicate is given to the customer. For a fully branded, professional solution, we can print 200 full colour, plastic cloakroom tags to your own design from £185.38. We do this for lots of hotels, restaurants, hairdressers and visitor centres – like Trevor Sorbie and The Shard in London.

At these prices, can you afford not to? At the end of the day, you can give the best meal or service in the world, but if you lose the customer’s expensive Dior coat, it’ll be you picking up the tab – and paying the price of a bad online review.

Search for our plastic cloakroom tags here.

Mum’s the word – but not on your promotion

It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday 10thMarch. The one day of the year that mums everywhere are taken out for lunch. So your restaurant or eatery should be fully booked. But with families everywhere feeling the pinch, more and more people are looking to create a special occasion at home. So how are you going to tempt them out the door and into your establishment?

Mothers day gift
Give each table a special gift for mum as part of your promotion

Get your offer right
Look around to see what’s available nearby – what is the competition offering? How can you differentiate yours? Create a special menu or introduce a ‘kids eat free’ perk. Or think about what you can provide as an added incentive to book that doesn’t cost much but has a high-perceived value, like a small gift or a special cupcake for each mum. If young families are your market, think about hiring a child’s entertainer, or laying on some kind of activity. If you can keep the kids entertained, mum gets a rare opportunity to eat her lunch in peace.

Promote it now
Get your offers front-of-mind now. Start with your regular customer base and make them aware of what’s on offer. It’s always easier to create more custom from those that already ‘love’ you than to attract new friends.

Send an email or a text. Get your deals out on Twitter, Facebook and any other social media channels you use. Also hand something out with a customer’s bill, or send them something through the post. Plastic promotional cards and discount cards are the perfect way to get noticed, they won’t be ignored like an ad in the paper or on a website. Ensure the promotional cards have longevity by promoting a discount for every future booking – or reminding them of your regular lunch offer. Plastic promotional cards aren’t thrown away like paper vouchers are, they’ll be a reminder in your customers’ wallets for months to come.

Don’t forget about local websites and online directories too. And if you have lots of seats to fill, consider promoting your offer on a discount site like Living Social or Groupon. As is the case with any marketing promotion, utilising multiple channels will always deliver greater response than relying on any one medium.

We can provide 250 full colour, branded promotional cards for just £98.25. We’ll even do the design and artwork for you at no extra cost.