Need more club cards during the year? Don’t pay twice

Most clubs and sports establishments have a membership programme these days, which can range from tens of members to thousands.

Cycling club card
Print new club cards through the year without incurring a new set-up fee

With every new club year comes the need to print new club cards for members. A relatively easy and cost-effective task when you’re working from a database of names: simply send off the details to your printed plastic cards supplier and they print the numbered club cards. Job done.

But what happens when new members join throughout the year?

The last thing you want to do is pay a new set up and print fee for a handful of plastic cards every time someone new joins up. You could buy your own plastic card printer and print them yourself, but that requires a considerable upfront investment – and you won’t get a consistent result.

Print more than you need & we’ll keep them until you need them

Order more club cards than you need right now and we’ll keep the remainder for you to ‘draw down’ on when you need to.

So if you have 410 members at the moment, you might want to order 500 club cards (all of which will be printed at the same time and sequentially numbered). We’ll send you the 410 cards now, personalised with your members’ details, then we’ll hang onto the other 90 branded cards.

When new members join, simply send us the data and we’ll overprint their details onto the club cards we’re holding for you. We only make a small charge for this service to cover the overprinting and delivery.

Which means you could order new club cards for members on a monthly basis for example.

Don’t pay twice for additional club cards. For more information please contact one of our team on 0855 257 8857 or



Thinking of membership cards for the first time?

All sports clubs can benefit from setting up an ‘official’ membership programme. But before you go ahead and get your plastic membership cards printed:

– Be clear about what you’re going to offer members – discounts, offers, exclusive deals?

– Consider how it’s going to work – who will administer it?

– Research how much it will cost you as a club – factor in membership cards printing costs and admin costs (and consider how you’ll recoup these)

– Be clear what benefits you want to get out of it as a club and build your strategy from there – increased loyalty, extra sales at the bar, new members?

Golf club card
Establishing a good membership programme can be a real incentive for people to join

Competition for members in some sports is fierce, particularly golf. Creating a ‘proper’ membership programme isn’t just about printing branded club cards that members will be proud to put into their wallets, it’s about:

– Showing them you value their membership fee

– Giving them more reasons to spend time (and money) at the club

– Providing them with some perks for joining, and

– Handing them reasons to recommend you to others.

Creating a good membership programme can give a potential member the reason to choose your club over the one down the road.

Get the benefits right

Consider what you want to offer members in return for their annual fee. Research your competitors to see what they are offering, and better it. Some perks might include:

–          Discounted tickets for family members

–          First priority on club tickets for national fixtures

–          Deals with neighbouring retailers, hotels & restaurants just for club members

–          Discounts on their own membership fee if they refer-a-friend.

Encourage and reward loyalty

If you have a shop, bar and/or restaurant at your club, you want to encourage your members to use them. You can have your membership cards act as loyalty cards or discount cards. Either offer a discount to members on purchases, or creative incentives for increased loyalty, e.g. a meal or equipment when they reach a certain number of points.

If you need any more help on what to include in your membership cards, we’re happy to help. We also provide a free design service, so that’s one less cost you’ll need to factor in.