Inexpensive ways to improve your visitor experience

Would you want the next visitor into reception to be able to see all of your personal details laid out on the visitor’s book?

Probably not, especially if you’re pitching for some business.

Imagine the scenario: it’s taken you months to get the appointment, and you’ve finally secured a meeting with the MD. Unbeknownst to you, one of the next visitors to sign-in is one of your competitors. Thanks to the Visitor’s Book, they now know they’re in a pitch situation, and you’ve lost the advantage.

Keeping visitor details confidential is simple and inexpensive

You don’t need to invest in expensive visitor management software to handle visitors appropriately and meet your health & safety requirements at the same time.

Such software is great for dealing with large amounts of visitors on a daily basis, and for tying visitor procedures into access control system. But for smaller organisations, a paper-based visitor system does the job, and at the right price.

Visitor details board
A discrete bottom sheet keeps visitors’ details hidden

Visitor pass ‘in system’

You can buy visitor passes as part of a ‘system’ – essentially a sheet on a writing board that allows you to record visit date, name, host, company and vehicle information. All these details are held on a discrete bottom sheet, whilst pre-numbered visitor passes are handed to the individuals. This maintains the privacy of the visitor by keeping their information hidden.

It also creates a reference log of all visitors for the future, and more importantly, a current fire register: a health and safety requirement.

Standard visitor passes systems and contractor pass systems generally include passes, writing board, storage tower, pen set and wallets and clips. Our off-the-shelf systems including 200 visitor passes start from just £84.35.

Custom printed visitor passes increase security further

Standard visitor pass systems are readily available, so it’s easy for someone to get their hands on one and wander around your building without raising suspicion. But a branded version is far more difficult to copy.

As well as including your logo on the visitors pass, you can also include specific health and safety information, internal maps, onsite instructions for contractors, or highlight different access rights.

Let’s also not forget the fact that a branded welcome also presents a more professional image to visitors.

Interested in branded visitor passes? Contact our friendly team for a quote.

The benefits of custom printed visitor passes

How do you currently manage visitors in your organisation or school? If you’re in the majority, you’ll probably use a paper visitor pass system, where visitors sign-in to a visitor book and are given a visitor badge to wear around their person. This makes them easy to identify, and also ensures you are meeting your health and safety obligations.

Custom printed visitor passes can improve security further

Custom printed visitor passes make it harder for a third-party to ‘blend-in’.

Standard visitor pass systems are readily available, and are used by many organisations and establishments. Which means a third-party can easily get their hands on a standard ‘visitors’ badge, and also a standard ‘visitors’ lanyard. But they can’t so easily access a branded version.

Branding your visitor passes makes it far more difficult for a third-party to replicate them, and therefore makes it more difficult for them to gain entry.

Portray a professional image

Having custom printed visitor passes also presents a more professional image to visitors. A ‘branded welcome’ is always going to impress visitors more – whether you’re a company or a school that has parents or school officials visiting.

Personalise your passes further

As well as branding your custom printed visitor passes with your logo or corporate information, you can also include other relevant information. For example, you could include health and safety regulations specific to that location, or fire evacuation details. You might want to list items that are prohibited onsite for contractors, or highlight different access rights.

Interested in custom printed visitor passes? Please contact us for a quote.


ID cards: would you challenge someone without theirs?

Or more to the point, would your staff challenge someone who didn’t have an ID card around their neck?

Many organisations that provide photo ID cards to their staff aren’t vigilant enough about policing them. This is often because there isn’t a company-wide ID policy in place that includes all visitors to the building, therefore people aren’t sure who should or should not be badged. In organisations where there is a reception with reception staff or security staff, there is a tendancy for employees to default responsibility to them.

Which means there is a good chance that an unwelcome visitor could gain access to your building.

Photo ID card packs
Make sure everyone is aware of your photo ID policy

In the healthcare sector for example, and certainly in all NHS Trusts, every member of staff is empowered and positively encouraged to challenge anyone not wearing ID cards whilst on the premises. Staff are encouraged to freely move around public areas, but to question anyone without a badge in ‘higher risk’ areas such as wards or restricted areas. This policy helps to keep staff and patients safe, as there is an approved badge system for all staff, official visitors and contractors throughout the Trust. Everyone is aware of the policy and its importance, and everyone has a vested interest in making sure it’s adhered to.

Ask yourself the following questions:

–  Do you always provide visitors and contractors with ID cards or visitor pass / contractor passes?

–  Do you provide staff with replacement ID cards if they’ve forgotten or mislaid theirs?

–  Have you communicated to staff that they should stop and check with anyone not wearing an ID card?

Increasing security is simple: make sure every person in your building is identified and that everyone is aware of your policy.

Parking problems? Car park passes could help

There’s nothing more annoying than turning up at work or school and finding that someone has taken your car parking space. Having some simple car park passes printed could make that frustration a thing of the past.

Ease parking frustrations with car park passes

We’ve all been there. You’re running late and when you turn up at work there aren’t any parking spaces left. Which can only mean one thing: people are parking where they shouldn’t.

Getting some car park passes printed is a really inexpensive way to make sure that the right people are accessing the car park. We can print 100 plastic car park passes to your own design for just £99.00 (and we’ll include 50 self adhesive holders too). These can be written on in permanent marker, so you can write on car registration numbers or names for your staff, or have a handful of blank cards for contractors.

The cards are made from specially designed tough polyester to withstand UV and high & low temperatures. They’re also wipe clean.

Problems with parking is well known to be one of the major frustrations of the daily commute. Car park passes are an inexpensive and really effective way of easing that frustration.

Design and artworking is included in the price.

Safeguard your school with school visitor passes

It’s the new school term, have you got everything you need for the year ahead? The start of September often has schools and colleges looking at security on their premises with fresh eyes, which includes looking at school visitor passes.

If you’re an educational establishment, having adequate security measures in place to safeguard pupils and staff is paramount. Are you meeting your health & safety responsibilities and fulfilling your duty of care by having an up-to-date signing in system for visitors, parents and contractors?


School visitor passes
Keep track of all visitors to your premises

School visitor passes and signing-in systems are a quick and easy way of identifying visitors and recording their details – and are very inexpensive. You can buy off-the-shelf packages (often known as passes ‘in system’) which include 200 pre-numbered passes, writing board, wallet tower, pen set and visitor wallets and clips from £64.40.

The visitor passes system records the names and details of all visitors to your school or college and provides a paper pass or badge for them to wear whilst on the premises. The details form a timed and dated fire register, ensuring you meet your health & safety regulations and fulfil your duty of care. A discrete sheet keeps each visitor’s details confidential.

Customise passes to your own requirements

As well as standard visitor and contractor ‘in system’ passes, you can also design school visitor passes to include your school’s colours and logo, or incorporate specific health and safety regulations or safety and fire evacuation details. You might want to list prohibited items for example, or use different colours to highlight different access rights – useful for when contractors are on-site, and you only want them to access specific areas.

Car park pass for schools
Eliminate parking problems with car park permits

Invest in car park passes to ease parking issues

Parking is often a hot topic of debate in schools. Ensure that staff and visitors park where they should by providing car park passes. The Card Network provides custom printed car park passes (so you can incorporate your own branding) from £64.50 for 100. These are lightweight polyester cards that are designed to withstand UV and low & high temperatures.

The Card Network can customise passes to any requirement. Please contact us for a quote.


Visitor passes: are you meeting health & safety obligations?

All employers have a list of responsibilities to safeguard the health and safety of their employees, which increase when you have 5 employees or more. Organisations are also responsible for any visitors to their premises, such as contractors and suppliers. Every company should have a clear set of procedures for dealing with visitors, which often includes making sure they are clearly identified as such – through Visitor passes or Contractor passes that clip onto clothing or hang on lanyards around their necks.

Visitor passes and accessories
Badge visitors whilst keeping a record and fire register

Having a Visitor pass system or Contractor pass system allows you to record the details of every visitor to your premises, including name, host, company, date and vehicle information. A privacy sheet hides names from view, whilst creating a reference sheet for the future. Most importantly, the pass system creates an up-to-date fire register, a vital part of your health and safety responsibilities.

Standard visitor pass systems and contractor pass systems contain everything you need to capture visitor information and include passes, writing board, storage tower, pen set and wallets and clips. Our systems including 200 visitor passes or contractor passes are just £64.40.

As well as buying standard visitor pass systems and contractor pass systems, you can also create your own bespoke passes. For example you can include specific health and safety information, fire procedures, internal maps or site specific information. You might also want to design your own lanyards with your company branding, or to denote which areas a visitor is allowed into. Please call or email us for a quote.

See for more information.

ID cards & swipe cards: how secure is your workplace, really?

Card products to increase security
Is your business and staff adequately protected?

How confident are you that your building, staff and equipment are adequately protected? And what about your visitors – are you following health and safety regulations?

When talk turns to protecting your business, the focus naturally falls on insurance first. Having the right policies in place covering contents, buildings, employees and professional indemnity is crucial should the worst happen.

But when is the last time you properly looked at your business from a security perspective? Do you have photographic ID cards and swipe cards as protection for example?

How secure is your building?
The larger the building and numbers of staff, the more opportunities there are for unwanted visitors to enter your premises. Having an entry system is a good place to start and doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive. There are many access control options out there on the market, and you can choose from swipe cards, key fobs, encoded ring tags, wrist tags, tokens and even time and attendance systems.

Photographic identity cards
Photographic ID cards – step up security

Do your staff have photographic ID cards?
Photographic ID cards will ensure that the right people only access the right areas, particularly if you choose to incorporate further security features such as a magnetic stripe or signature strip. Prices start from just £93.09 for a pack of 10 cards including card holders and clips.

Keep track of visitors and contractors
Keeping track of every visitor to your building is also paramount from a health and safety perspective. We stock packs of Visitor Passes and Contractor Passes which contain everything you need to set up and record the visitor’s information whilst creating a current fire register and future reference sheet.

Parking permits
Specially designed parking passes withstand low & high temperatures

We can even print custom car park passes to ensure the right people are parking where they should.

For your security and peace of mind all Card Network staff are CRB vetted.