10 reasons you should swap to plastic cloakroom tags


Trevor Sorbie cloakroom tag
What does your cloakroom currently say about you?

If you’re still using paper cloakroom tickets, or (sharp intake of breath) raffle tickets in your cloakroom, here are some very good reasons why you should consider upgrading to plastic cloakroom tags.

1. They’re much more professional.

When is a raffle ticket ever a fair swap for a designer coat? Providing plastic cloakroom tags says that you care about the belongings you’re being entrusted with, and it speaks volumes about your business too.

2. You can brand them – on both sides.

As well as pre-printed options, you can personalise the plastic cloakroom tags to your own brand in full colour, front & back. Which means you could also include a promotion, or even advertise a sister establishment. Or just have a bit of fun with them.

3. They’re rarely lost (and easy to find).

Being plastic and just like a credit card, cloakroom tags are generally kept safe in a wallet or purse. They’re easy to locate and much less likely to be thrown away by accident, thus avoiding the disgruntled queue of people who are forced to wait until the end of the night to get their stuff back.

4. They’re wipeable and reusable.

You can drop plastic cloakroom tags in your Margarita as many times as you like and they’ll still come up smelling of, er, lime. The point is, you can use them over and over again, unlike paper. Even if you laminate your paper tags, they soon become grubby.

5. They’re much more secure, and difficult to copy.

If you buy ‘off the shelf’ paper tickets, then so could someone else and you’d have no way of knowing which is genuine. Printing a unique number on every numbered pair gives you further security. All our pre-printed Cloakies have unique numbers.

6. They support your ‘use less paper’ policy.

Because the tags are made from durable plastic, they can be reused time and time again, unlike paper tickets which are a one hit wonder.

7. They’re unlikely to be accidentally torn off or ‘lost’ in the cloakroom.

In a busy cloakroom or hotel where bags are constantly being moved around pre check-in or post check-out, it’s not unusual for paper tickets to be torn off.

Plastic cloakroom tags can’t be physically torn off coat hangers. And if they’re secured on to bags with bag loops, they withstand wear and tear and jostling about.

8. You can put a disclaimer on them (in the nicest possible way)

Whatever your Ts & Cs are for cloakroom use, print them on the reverse.

9. You can also use them for bags.

Our flexible bag tag loops make it easy to affix the cloakroom tags to luggage or shopping bags.

10. They just look nicer.

Which would you rather receive when you hand over your expensive jacket – a professionally branded plastic card, or something you get at the school Tombola?

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