20 of our favourite custom printed cards

As part of our 20th birthday celebrations we’re looking back at some of the custom printed plastic cards we’ve printed over the last 12 months …

You may have noticed a ‘20’ theme developing here.

Here’s a collection of the cards that have stood out to us recently, collated by Stew in Production and Nikki in Sales.

  1. Who: Cast, Performing Arts Theatre in Doncaster
    What: Printed MIFARE RFID Cards

Well, you’d expect a performing arts theatre to stand out with a creative and colourful design and they don’t disappoint! Their branding fits onto a credit card sized card brilliantly.

2. Who: Array Bar and Restaurant, Essex
What: Branded Bar Tab Cards

Wipeable, durable and reusable bar tab cards have increased in popularity during the Pandemic. More establishments are moving away from ordering at the bar to table service.

We love these as its a very effective way of using black and white – simple is often best.

3. Who: Langham Hotel, London
What: Custom printed Hotel Key Cards with magstripe

We’re luckily enough to have been printing cards for the Langham Hotel for many years and we always love seeing what part of the hotel we’ll be featuring next.

These hotel key cards beautifully convey the opulence of this luxury hotel.

4. Who: East Herts Golf Club
What: Branded Membership Cards

Most of the golf club membership cards we print feature the club house or an aerial shot of the 18th green.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but these stood out to us for being modern, clean and attractive.

5. Who: Behind the Scenes Events for Children in Need’s Rickshaw Challenge
What: Personalised Event Passes

This is the second year running we’ve printed the passes for everyone involved in Children in Need’s Rickshaw Challenge, and super pleased we are about it.

It’s an honour to be involved with Pudsey in some small way.

6. Who: Instavolt
What: Custom Printed Mifare Cards

Bet you can’t guess what these guys do…

Simple design that works really well on a small card.

7. Who: Atlantic Health Club & Spa, Gibraltar
What: Printed Membership Cards

We’d be very happy to be a member of this health club in Gibraltar.

We love the colours…

8. Who: Hovarda, Soho
What: Printed Bar Tab Cards

Hovarda is an Aegean-inspired bar & restaurant in London’s Soho.

The colours say it perfectly.

9. Who: The Clydeside Distillery
What: Printed Membership Cards

Love these cards, love Glasgow, love the distillery.

That’s it.

10. Who: Downey & Co, for Omega
What: Printed Promotional Cards

So we got to work with James Bond. Kind of.

Simple, effective and entirely fitting.

It’s Omega.

11. Who: Resolution, Whitby
What: Hotel Key Cards

If you’re checking into a hotel by the sea in Whitby, you don’t want a bland white keycard, do you?

We love the bold colours and branding on these. Plus we’ve been to Whitby and it’s great 🙂

12. Who: Ascot Underwriting, London
What: Printed Mifare RFID Cards

A bright design that really stands out against the white background.

13. Who: Emma Hart Aesthetics
What: Custom Printed Gift Cards

Another simple yet classic design that works well on a dark background in a matt finish.

14. Who: The Churchill Hotel
What: Printed Hotel Key Cards

Well you would feature the great man on your cards if you could, wouldn’t you?

15. Who: Middlesex Golf County Card
What: Printed Membership Cards

Bright and bold, these cards will definitely stand out in your wallet.

We particularly like the intricate design in the squares as it brings an extra dimension to the cards.

16. Who: EB Charging
What: Printed RFID Cards

Electric Blue text really stands out on a matt black background.

Very effective.

17. Who: Wortley Hall
What: Discount cards

Another example of a single colour, in this case silver, working well on a dark background.

18. Who: Real Club Deportivo, London
What: Membership Cards

Membership Card for Football Club

And now for something completely different…

We love the colour graduation on these cards.

19. Who: Rendition Manchester
What: Printed Bar Tab Cards

Custom Printed Bar Tab Card

Copper design on a dark background perfectly represents this bar and restaurant in Manchester.

We would have delivered them by hand if we could.

20. Who: TSQ Playhouse
What: Custom Bar Tab Cards

Custom Printed Bar Tab Cards

It’s hard to see in this image, but the copper text and graphics really sing out on this card.

It definitely conveys the opulence and sophistication of the establishment.