A gallery of Custom Cloakroom Tags

Some of our faves: Cloakroom Tags we’d be happy to have in our pockets

November is our busiest month for Cloakroom Tags. With the nights drawing in and the festive season nearly upon us, customers start putting on their coats and heading out.

Which means one thing for us – more Cloakroom Tag orders.

These rather lovely establishments have extended their branding right through to the Cloakroom, so that guests receive something that feels like a fair swap for their new coat or belongings.

We take a look back at some of our favourites. If you’re thinking about printing your own tags, you might find some design inspiration here!

St Martin’s Lane London

One of our earliest full colour Cloakroom Tags. You only got black print back in the day! Does what it says on the tag.


So now that we can do full colour, we might as well do full colour: it’s a design that explodes off the page! (Er, Tag).

Sky Garden

This is part of a set, all of minimal, classy designs. A clean, coherent piece of branding.

University of Cambridge

Home of learning – and sleek designs.

Hippodrome Casinos

We printed tags in 8 different colours for Hippodrome, from peppermint green to fire orange and red. They looked stunning together.


One simple design, executed perfectly. A brilliant example of how an eye-catching image can take a design to the next level.

London Alternative Market

We love this – a unique design for a unique customer!


This is another example of how a single image against a clean white background creates a design that really pops.


A brilliant dichotomy of classic illustration on a modern product.

Charlotte Street Hotel

One of our all time favourites. Who wouldn’t love a dog and a telescope together?

Merchant Taylors’ Hall

A design that stands out from the rest.

The Trafalgar Hotel

Great mix of the classic and the contemporary.

Wright Brothers Seafood Restaurant

Another one of our favourites and a great example of how simple designs are often the best.

The Royal Institution

A clean design with bold colours.

Tamarind Restaurant

A really different take on Cloakroom Tags for this restaurant. Beautifully understated.

Dinings Restaurant

A truly unique design with both English & Japanese numbering. A tricky one to get working on the press but well worth the effort!


You don’t forget this one in a hurry. Planet of the Apes-vibes galore. We love them.

Sir John Soane’s Museum

Sometimes all you need is some clean text and colour to capture the spirit of the branding.

Hula Bar

This design pops right off the Cloakies!


Excellent modern design for this Cloakie.

Search our Cloakroom Tags – we also have pre-printed Cloakroom Tag packs if you have no time or budget for branded.