A look back at our website over the last 20 years

And why we would never want to go back to 2002

As part of our 20th birthday celebrations we’ve been looking back over how much things have changed over the years, including ourselves (photos to follow), so naturally we took a look at the website.

The joy of the Wayback machine Internet Archive is being able to travel back in time to see previous iterations of your website.

The first ever www.thecardnetwork.co.uk

Back in 2001, e-commerce was only really just starting to be a thing. So we were probably quite chuffed to just have one page of information up there.

You will note that one of our selling points in 2002 is that we offered easy ‘processing via fax’. Yes, fax.

For those of you who aren’t over 30, faxes were scanned documents that were received on a fax machine, transmitted over telephone lines.

The quality of the document was usually dreadful and its arrival was heralded by a high pitched whine.

Cutting edge at the time though.

2006 and a few more pages

Less talk of faxes.

More pictures of people that look like they’re on a target range.

2007 and lots more pages and images!

A contact form! Surely we are at forefront of technology being able to offer such a service.

You could also be forgiven for thinking we sell microwaves, till rolls and spirit levels looking at the icons in the top banner.

2009 and a change in the top banner, with a simplified logo

Someone has obviously noticed the microwave.

2015 and we’ve been in the 21st century for a while

A bit of a brand evolution and a snapshot of our proper e-commerce website, which has been running for a few years. We also introduced our three P’s – Promote, Protect and Present.

2019 and we’re looking a bit more like The Card Network you know

2021 and we continue to evolve and change.

Who knows what we’ll look like in another 20 years, but it’ll be fascinating to look back on our journey.