Antimicrobial ID Card Holders – a simple way to help protect your workforce

As we start to hear about the potential of businesses reopening, it’s clear that it won’t quite be Business as Usual. Rather, workplaces will be embracing a ‘new normal’.  

That ‘new normal’ will mean bringing in a new set of safety practices to help protect the workforce and stop Coronavirus from spreading.

There won’t be a single answer to this – employers are going to have to consider every aspect of their operations.

One simple and inexpensive addition to your workplace safety plan could be to replace normal ID card holders worn by staff with an Antimicrobial badge holder.

What makes Antimicrobial ID card holders better than a regular version?

Antimicrobial card holders are made with Biomaster additive, which uses three ways of stopping bacteria from growing. As such, it is more powerful and effective than regular disinfectants and other antimicrobial agents.

biomaster additive logo

How the Biomaster additive works:

1. Biomaster disrupts the bacteria cell from growing as it binds to the cell wall.
2. The Biomaster ions stop the bacteria cell from producing energy.
3. The cell’s DNA is interrupted by Biomaster’s active silver technology which prevents any replication.

Biomaster guarantees fast, effective microbial protection for the lifetime of the product and reduces the risk of cross contamination.

Antimicrobial and recyclable, and Made in Britain too

Our Antimicrobial Holders are made by Evohold, right here in the UK to ISO 22196 standards for Antimicrobial products. They’re also made with a mix of recycled and new materials; and are fully recyclable after use.


100 Antimicrobial card holders are available from just £11 + VAT, which works out as just 2p more expensive than their standard counterparts.

They are deliberately priced to be affordable for all businesses, as they can play a small, though important part in stopping the spread of germs and bacteria. 

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