Are Paxton Net2 Key fobs the UK’s favourite?

Our shelves certainly think so. We sell more Paxton Net2 Key fobs 695-644 than any other kind of proximity card, smart card or token. So what makes them so popular? Especially in an industry where innovation is the norm?

Biometric, smart phone or traditional card reader?

The access control market is awash with solutions, all of which protect your assets, buildings and people in different ways. From biometric entry solutions to emerging trends in smart phone technologies, the industry doesn’t stand still.

The key access control suppliers are hard at work in R&D producing the latest talking point – just recently for example HID Global announced their latest ‘gesture based’ technology, allowing you to open doors with a wave.

But are these systems within reach of most organisations?

Amongst all of this innovation, the Net2 systems continue to hold their own in the market as reliable, robust access control solutions. And from our perspective, the most popular access control products are still Paxton Net2 Key fobs, not smart phone apps or iris-readers.

Paxton Net2 Key fobs
Paxton Net2 Key fobs continue to be our most popular product

Maybe it’s the solid, reassuring feel of a Key fob that people like above key cards. Or their reliability. Or the fact that they come with a lifetime guarantee from Paxton and are simple they are to program. We suspect it’s probably a mixture of them all – and the fact that the Net2 systems are well suited to the majority of organisations’ needs.

Whatever the reason, Paxton Net2 Key Fobs are regularly ordered by schools, sports clubs, housing associations and businesses across the UK, and are our best-selling product.

We are currently selling 10 Paxton Net2 Key fobs 695-644 for £24.70 for 10.