Are your photo ID cards up-to-date?

Photographic ID card
Out of date photos can cause problems for staff

There seems to be a story in the press every week of bogus callers conning their way into the homes of the unsuspecting public. Utilities companies are often the ones impersonated. Some individuals create fake ID cards, or simply just talk their way into people’s homes.The message to consumers is ‘card, check & call’. Ask the caller for their ID card (all doorstep callers should have one) – ask them to pass it through the letterbox. Then check the ID carefully: is the photograph the same person standing at your door? If you are in any doubt, call the company to check their identity. Don’t use the number on the card – this in itself might be false.

Believe it or not, a number of genuine workers are not allowed access to people’s home simply because their photographs just don’t look like them any more. Either the photographs are out-of-date, or the cards are so weather beaten they look like they have been tampered with. It’s always a good idea to regularly check the ID cards of your staff. And to replace them whenever is necessary, in order to prevent them being treated as suspicious in the normal course of their work.