Visitor passes: are you meeting health & safety obligations?

All employers have a list of responsibilities to safeguard the health and safety of their employees, which increase when you have 5 employees or more. Organisations are also responsible for any visitors to their premises, such as contractors and suppliers. Every company should have a clear set of procedures for dealing with visitors, which often includes making sure they are clearly identified as such – through Visitor passes or Contractor passes that clip onto clothing or hang on lanyards around their necks.

Visitor passes and accessories
Badge visitors whilst keeping a record and fire register

Having a Visitor pass system or Contractor pass system allows you to record the details of every visitor to your premises, including name, host, company, date and vehicle information. A privacy sheet hides names from view, whilst creating a reference sheet for the future. Most importantly, the pass system creates an up-to-date fire register, a vital part of your health and safety responsibilities.

Standard visitor pass systems and contractor pass systems contain everything you need to capture visitor information and include passes, writing board, storage tower, pen set and wallets and clips. Our systems including 200 visitor passes or contractor passes are just £64.40.

As well as buying standard visitor pass systems and contractor pass systems, you can also create your own bespoke passes. For example you can include specific health and safety information, fire procedures, internal maps or site specific information. You might also want to design your own lanyards with your company branding, or to denote which areas a visitor is allowed into. Please call or email us for a quote.

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