Are you using the right printer ribbon for your membership cards?

cut costs on membership cards
Choosing the right ribbon can cut costs & improve results

How to save money on printing and get the best results

Whether you print all your membership cards on your own card printer, or just do ‘top-ups’ throughout the year, it pays to use the right ribbon.

Not only will it give you the best results and save you money, the right ribbon will maximise the productivity of your plastic card printer.

So which one?

The range of different printer ribbons out there can be a bit bewildering. YMCK, YMCKO or YMCKOK?

Printing cards yourself on a double-sided card printer

If you’re printing double sided membership cards yourself, on a double-sided printer, the most common mistake is using a YMCKO ribbon, rather than a YMCKOK one.

A YMCKOK ribbon basically has a second black panel, and is designed specifically for use with double sided card printers. It allows you to print full colour on the front of the card and black on the reverse – making it ideal for clubs who print graphics on the front, but only sparse details on the back.

If you were to use a YMCKO ribbon instead, you would have to use all 5 panels on the front, then all 5 panels on the back. The result? You use up the ribbon twice as fast.

Just overprinting members’ details?

If you are just overprinting details like name and membership number onto pre-printed membership cards, you don’t need an all singing, all dancing ribbon. A single-colour ribbon could do the job just fine. You can get ribbons in a choice of colours, including silver and gold, and the cost is considerably cheaper per print than using an YMCKO ribbon.

Remember that ribbons have a shelf-life of around a year

Also think about the quantity of membership cards you need to produce and don’t overbuy on printer capacity. Each ribbon is capable of printing a certain number of cards, so if you only need a handful on an irregular basis, don’t shell out on a 1000 capacity ribbon when 200 would do. Especially as ribbons have a shelf-life – generally of about a year.

The larger the print ribbon the less the cost per card, so if you’re printing larger numbers, invest in a higher image one. This will also save on re-ordering costs such as delivery.

Still not sure which ribbon is right for your plastic card printer?

Give one of our friendly team a call – we’re happy to help guide you.