Are your new members falling off the treadmill already?

Gym membership card
Club cards incentivise members

January always brings a sudden rush of new members into the gym or leisure club. The desire to get rid of the post-Christmas tummy has them literally running to sign-up.

But as the weeks go by, interest starts to wane, as do appearances at the gym. If they’ve signed up on a month-by-month basis, you could have lost them as a customer by March. Giving them club cards can go a long way to keeping them motivated and regular visitors.

The benefits of club cards

Club cards or membership cards are a great way to keep your customers active and engaged. By presenting them with a club card, you’re making them feel part of an inclusive community, and it serves as a constant reminder every time they open their wallet. But club cards can be much more than just a reminder.

Reward or discounts

Club cards can double up as reward or discount cards, and encourage members to spend in your café or shop for example. On its simplest level, a member hands over their club card to get money off their lunch after working out.

Taken to the next level, the club cards can also act as a loyalty cards, and give rewards for multiple visits or multiple purchases. The reward could be anything from a complimentary meal, discounts or free gym classes or equipment.

Forming partnerships with other local businesses is another great way to provide incentives to your members. Agree a reciprocal deal with a local organisation that’s relevant to your members – like a golf club or spa – and you have another means of rewarding loyalty that’s highly cost-effective.

Motivating regular visits

By turning your club card or membership card into a loyalty card and investing in the right technology, you can also track member activity. When you notice the visits starting to tail off, you can take action to engage them before they’ve completely lost interest. Ask them in for a new consultation or fitness session. Make them aware of your classes and other activities.

By investing in club cards for your members now, you can keep them active, keep them regular visitors and look after your bottom line.

Our membership card packs start from £121.13 for 250 full colour, double sided & numbered cards, printed to your own design. We’ll be happy to advise you on what your club cards can do, just ask one of our friendly team.