Blank plastic cards – what will you do with yours?

What could you create from the opportunity presented by blank plastic cards?

A handful of bespoke business cards? A card advertising your latest promotion or sales discount? A membership card for customers? Or a handy reminder card with contact telephone numbers on for staff?

If you’ve invested in a plastic card printer, the world of printed plastic cards is your oyster. Depending on the printer and the software you have, you could produce ID badges for your staff or cards for one-off promotional campaigns. Like creating a handful of cards with prize details to be given to lucky winners of a competition for example. Giving out plastic cards rather than paper vouchers has a much higher perceived value to your customers – and they are far more likely to be retained in their wallet for future use.

You don’t have to print on standard white plastic either. We have blank plastic cards in every colour you can think of – from cranberry to gold green metallic.. Or choose to be environmentally friendly with our ultra white cards made from biodegradable plastic. We also sell cards with magnetic stripes and signature panels.

Our cards are imaging grade PCV cards for high quality thermal and dye sublimation printing, and conform to ISO-7810 standards for dimensions and quality.

So, what will you use a blank plastic card for next?