Bonfire night safety: ID badges

Fireworks display
ID badges play an important part at an organised Bonfire event

Bonfire night is just around the corner. If you’re planning an organised fireworks event, safety and security will be at the top of the agenda. When you’re going through your health & safety checklist, consider the benefits of ID badges.

Clearly badging event organisers promotes safety and security

– It’s a simple thing, but giving organisers ID badges helps to increase security and promote safety. For a start, event-goers then know who’s in charge, and who to go to if they need help – which prevents people milling about unsure of where to go. From a security standpoint, it means only those badged should access specific areas.

– Giving ID badges to the people actually in charge of the fireworks clearly signifies that only those people can access the fireworks area – no one else should be allowed in. As well as wearing fluorescent jackets, Stewards should be badged too.

– If you have first aiders standing by in case of an accident, ID badges are particularly important. They make them easily identifiable in times of distress – as well as giving confidence and reassurance.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to buy a large quantity

Many small organisations or charities don’t consider ID badges because they think they won’t be able to afford them, or that they won’t come in small quantities. Each card is personalised to your details, so you could have 2 for first aiders, 3 for stewards etc. Simply send us the information and photographs and we’ll do the rest.

Of course ID badges can only do so much. The building blocks of a successful bonfire night lie in the planning and organisation: having the adequate insurance in place, crowd control, parking, adequate lighting, supervised areas etc. For more information on planning a display and safety recommendations see the Safer Fireworks website.

Bonfire night should be a fun and exciting time for everyone, but it’s especially important to keep children safe. For advice on child safety, download and print out this helpful leaflet from the Children’s Safety Education Foundation.