Branded hotel key cards from just 18p per card

Before you re-order blank hotel key cards for the summer, take The Card Network’s price challenge 

Branded hotel key cards
Which make a better impression on guests: branded hotel key cards or generic ones?

Hotel key cards are a great branding and promotional tool, yet many hotels, guesthouses and luxury B&B’s still default to ordering blank cards because they think that personalised cards will be too expensive.

At The Card Network, we believe we can print double-sided branded hotel key cards for around the same price you’re currently paying for generic, off-the-shelf ones.

Which means your hotel key cards could be acting as a mini-billboard in your guests’ pockets, and maximising the value of their visit.

A branded card will always make a greater impression on a guest than one than is clearly off-the-shelf. But they can also do much more than just open doors. You could use them to:

–       Advertise a specific promotion within your restaurant

–       Promote an upgrade offer

–       Promote your spa or leisure facilities

–       Raise awareness of a sister establishment or partner

–       Offer discounts off their next booking within a specific timeframe

Or just use them as a branding opportunity and push out your key messages.

Some accommodation providers choose to advertise a nearby attraction through a partnership deal, and have the partner pay for the production of the hotel key cards.

Our hotel key cards start from just 18p a card. How does that compare to what you’re paying now?

Why not put our claim to the test and check out our prices.