Club cards for the Mitsubishi Lancers

Looking for large numbers of club cards or membership cards? You’ll want a plastic card supplier who understands the importance of quality and getting the cards to your members on time. And when you have new members joining every week, you’ll need a supplier who can send out individual cards when you need them to. All for a fair price.

For the Mitsubishi Lancers Club, reliability and quality of customer service mattered more than anything.

Printing and fulfilling club cards for the Mitsubishi Lancers

At The Card Network, we pride ourselves on delivering when our clients need us to. For the Mitsubishi Lancers Club, we printed 3,000 membership cards, and dealt with all of the fulfillment. We collated the membership packs and mailed them out to each individual member in the UK and Europe. We also handle their additional card requirements. We’re sent a list of new members every Monday, and we post out the new cards every Friday.

Quality customer service and reliability are incredibly important to our customers – and to us. So if you are looking for a quote for club cards or membership cards, give us a call.