Colour Lanyards: a simple & cost-effective way to identify school bubbles

With schools finally returning after a long few months, a new set of challenges are being faced by many education staff. Incorporating COVID testing is arguably the biggest challenge, along with considering longer days and staggered starts.

One priority that hasn’t changed is the need to keep children and staff in small groups or ‘bubbles’ to help reduce the potential transmission of COVID-19, and lessen the number of people that need to self-isolate if a positive case is recorded.

One easy & cost-effective way to identify school bubbles

Staying apart from one another doesn’t come naturally to students, whatever their age.

However stopping them from mixing, and being able to easily identify them if they’re wandering the corridor when they shouldn’t for example, is paramount to safety protocol.

One easy and cheap way to do this is by giving each bubble a plain lanyard in a particular colour.

Lanyards in every colour of the rainbow … and even the rainbow

Giving each bubble a different colour of plain lanyard makes them easy to group together and to spot those that might need some extra encouragement to follow the routine. If your teaching staff are also part of a specific bubble, then they can wear the same.

Rainbow Lanyards
Rainbow Lanyards are perfect for staff working across bubbles

If not, then there’s always a rainbow lanyard!

There are also now Antimicrobial Lanyards more readily available on the market, which are resistant to germs and bacteria. A product with antimicrobial properties is known as self-cleaning: it disrupts bacteria growth, making them far more effective in terms of helping stop the spread.

Antimicrobial Staff Lanyards are becoming a more popular choice in schools and healthcare industries in particular.

An affordable solution

 A pack of 25 Plain Colour Lanyards starts from just £5.50 – making this approach affordable for schools across the country.

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