Conscious of how many times you open a door at work?

If you’ve returned to the workplace and you’re anything like us, you’ve probably become super conscious of the number of surfaces you touch in a day.

Nanoseptic antimicrobial door handle

NanoSeptic®’s range of antimicrobial door ‘skins’ wrap around door handles and act as push pads, to create a continuously self-cleaning surface

For many, the simple act of leaving the office to go to the toilet or get a cup of tea is now fraught with difficulty; a minefield of door handles and surfaces to get through using elbows, sleeves and hand towels – all followed up with the constant hand washing and hand sanitiser that’s becoming a normal part of our lives.

Whilst NanoSeptic®’s range of antimicrobial door handles and pads aren’t a replacement for the regular washing of hands and following other government guidelines, they do make the simple act of opening of a door an awful lot easier.

So what exactly are antimicrobial door wraps?

NanoSeptic® door handle wraps and push pads improve hygiene and prevent the spread of infection by creating a continuously self-cleaning surface – one that stops microbes from growing. In short, they reduce the risk of cross contamination.

How does the NanoSeptic® surface work?

One of the components of the surface is a mineral nano-crystal which acts as a catalyst, charged by visible light. These nano-crystals create a continuous oxidation reaction stronger than bleach. This oxidation reaction breaks down organic material into base components such as CO2. The surface also forms free radicals which act as an additional cleaning agent.

The wraps are designed to wrap around door pull handles, whereas the push pads (you guessed it) provide a safe area to push the door open.

Antimicrobial push pad

How long will they last?

NanoSeptic® recommend replacing the product every 90 days, or sooner if the surface shows visible wear.

This isn’t because the antimicrobial additive stops working – it works for the lifetime of the product – but because of the physical wear. Generally speaking, if the text or graphics become worn or faded, it’s time to replace it.

Should you clean it?

Although it’s a self-cleaning surface, any noticeable dirt or contaminants should be wiped off to ensure the pad or wrap can keep performing correctly. NanoSeptic® recommend using a microfiber cloth and water, or a non-abrasive cleaner.

Don’t use abrasive cleaners or cleaning utensils as they may compromise the NanoSeptic® skin.

Wrap some confidence around your door handles

Whilst there’s no one simple answer to keeping your workplace and people safe, Nanoseptic® products can bring some confidence and reassurance, and help reduce the risks of spreading infections and germs.


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