Create Christmas invites with a difference

Christmas bauble invitation


If you’re holding a lavish Christmas party or event this year, make an impression straight away by sending guests an invitation with a difference.

Get people talking – and interacting

Rather than sending a traditional paper invitation, think about what a printed plastic cards could do. For a start you’ve already stood out for being unexpected, which will start creating a buzz far in advance of the event.

But printed plastic cards can do much more than just give time and location details of the party.

Include a QR code

Start generating intrigue in the event as soon as your guest opens the envelope. Ask them to scan the QR code to launch a ‘secret’ page on your website. This could contain the location and details of the party, or give a special benefit to those who have put in the effort, for example details of a special VIP area or exclusive offer.

 Reveal Christmas goodies through a scratch panel

Including a scratch panel on your printed plastic cards is a great way to give away a freebie at the event, for example a free cocktail at the bar, or other bonus like tokens for the casino. People love to feel they’ve ‘won’ a benefit, rather than just being handed a voucher at the door.

Exclusive event? Have individual guest names on your printed plastic cards

Having each card personalised with guest names or details gives an impression of an exclusive invite to your event. This is much more affordable than you might think. We can personalise each individual card from as little as £20 extra for 500 cards.

Printed plastic cards are also much more likely to be retained after the event than a paper invite, acting as a reminder of your brand and a great day or night out.

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