Custom badge reels: internal branding or promotional gift?

We have had a lot of interest in our custom badge reels recently. The majority of our customers use them for company branding – choosing to have their logo printed in full colour in the domed space. These then tend to be given to staff as holders for their access control card: they’re retractable which makes it really easy to present the token or fob to the access control reader. They can be attached to a lanyard around the neck or clipped onto a belt loop.

Great for events or conferences

However more and more organisations are recognising the potential of a retractable badge reel above and beyond just printing their logo. Some use custom badge reels for events – and print the name or design of the conference or event as a take home reminder. Others use it to print a slogan or advertising message, or a web address – and give them to visiting clients.

Get creative with the space. It can be custom designed, so it’s up to you. You could use custom badge reels as part of a campaign to start raising awareness of a future event for example – first send guests a custom designed lanyard, then a badge reel, then a calendar date – all containing clues to the big event.