Custom Printed RFID Fobs & Mifare Fobs now available

Brand your key fobs with your logo, event logo or specific design

If you commonly buy RFID key fobs for your organisation’s access control system, or to give to attendees at one of your events, have you considered branding them?

Printed RFID Key Fobs are more cost-effective than you might think.

Choose to include your logo, or the logo of your event or conference from as little as £54.00 for 100.

Perfect for events or conferences

Custom designed RFID fobs are ideal for conferences or experiential marketing events where engagement with your brand is all important.

RFID tags can drive attendees to engage with your brand outside of the event walls and onto various digital platforms, as well as perform more practical uses like allow them to ‘tap’ for their lunch, or sign-up to a seminar (ensuring you capture their information).

Choose your colour of fob for no extra cost

Start by choosing the colour of your fob. Unlike unbranded key fobs which are usually only available in blue or black, you can also choose from red, white, blue, yellow and green. Plus the standard blue and black.

Then select how many colours you want to print in Printed Mifare fob

The printable area is 24mm in diameter, which isn’t a huge space – so it’s best to keep your design as simple as possible.

Single colours and simple designs stand out well on a white background, but up to 4 spot colours are available. To add an extra colour is very cost-effective, so if you have a simple logo in 4 colours, it won’t cost you much extra.

Then consider the technology: 13.56mhz or 125 khz?

Our Printed RFID fobs are available in 13.56 mhz and 125 khz frequency.

At this point you might find yourself asking the question What’s the difference?

On the face of it, they both look the same, but what they’re capable of is quite different. Which one you need will depend on what reader you’re using and what you need your fobs to do.

125 Khz are low frequency and have lower power requirements. They transmit a small amount of data and are generally used for ‘read only’ requirements; i.e. where you just need them to perform a singular function like allow access.

13.56 mhz are higher frequency and more complex. They have read/write capabilities and are therefore capable of multiple functions. These are commonly used for ticketing for transport systems, cashless vending, turnstiles and much more.

MIFARE is widely regarded as the industry standard, but there are cheaper options available, like the Fudan 1K for example.

Basically, if you want your fobs to do anything other than allow low-security access, you’ll probably want a 13.56 mhz frequency fob.

Available across a range of technology

Our branded fobs can be programmed with the following technology:

  • MIFARE Classic® 1K (13.56 mhz)
  • MIFARE Classic® 4K (13.56 mhz)
  • Fudan 1K, 13.56 mhz
  • TK4200, 125 khz
  • EM4200, 125 khz

All MIFARE Classic® fobs contain genuine NXP chips.

If you’re unsure which technology you need, please contact us for advice – we’re more than happy to help.

Encoding and personalisation options

There are a range of personalisation and encoding options open to you, for example printing a number on the fob to read UID and print number to the fob. Please give us a call to talk these through and for a quote.

If you have any queries about using branded RFID fobs, please get in touch.