Do I need ID card software?

Do you really need ID card software? If you want to be able to print your own ID cards, then the simple answer is ‘yes’.

ID card software for ID cards
Create your own ID cards with the right ID card software

Many organisations want to print their own ID cards in-house, as and when they need to. This could be for new staff joining throughout the year or to badge contractors on the day for example. Whatever the reason, as well as your plastic card printer, you’ll also need some ID card software.

Think of your ID card software as the driver of your card printing operation. It’s what you’ll need to design your cards and manipulate images, but it also stores all your information such as photographs and details. Depending on the sophistication of the software package you choose, you can communicate with multiple databases and share across networks.

Most ID card printing software is very user friendly and easy to install. They work with the majority of card printers on the market. Popular names you’ll come across include CardFive, Revolution & CardStudio.

Most card printers come in a package that includes basic card software. However there are more sophisticated software options available. The No 5 Cardfive Vision Pro for example has RFID encoding and processing capabilities and offers biometrics management.

The best way to find the software that’s right for your needs is to do some research on the different products. If you’re a small organisation and only want to print a handful of cards a year, you won’t need software for multi-users with remote logins for example.

As well as printing ID cards, the software will also help you to design your own membership cards, information cards, promotional cards and any other kind of cards you can think of.

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