Do you open doors with confidence?

Self Cleaning Handle Wraps
Self-cleaning door handle wraps help people feel better protected at work

Everyday things like switching on a printer, getting milk from the fridge or just turning on a tap are now workplace actions to be negotiated

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably extremely aware of how many times you touch shared surfaces at work these days.

The simple acts of opening a door or putting on the kettle are now potential sources of cross-contamination.

There are some simple things you can do to help minimise the risk

You’ve probably heard the word ‘antimicrobial’ a lot recently.

Antimicrobial products aren’t new onto the market, they’ve been used in various industries looking to reduce the spread of germs and viruses for years, particularly healthcare.

But the recent pandemic has seen them experience an unprecedented (there’s that word again) rise in popularity.

Antimicrobial products limit the spread of bacteria and viruses by creating a continually self-cleaning surface, without the use of toxins or chemicals.

It’s really rather clever – the additive can be added to various different products, from textiles like lanyards to plastics like ID Card Holders and even paper.

Supermarkets are just one industry to leap onto the antimicrobial bandwagon

Asda have recently announced that they are putting an antimicrobial protective coating onto their baskets and trolleys handles for example, to make the shopping experience safer.

Similarly, Morrisons have incorporated Biomaster’s silver technology into their Reusable bags, to prevent the growth and spread of harmful bacteria.

Nanoseptic Door Handle Wraps and Push Pads work to provide a ‘safe space’ on your doors

Going back to the doors at work, probably the most regularly touched surfaces in the building, there are antimicrobial products for those too.

Nanoseptic, a US Company that has been creating antimicrobial products for the healthcare, education and travel industries for a number of years, have brought out Self-Cleaning Door Handle Wraps, Push Pads and Door Sleeves.

Antimicrobial products help to prevent against germs and viruses

All provide a safe point for people to touch when opening a door, giving around 90 days of antimicrobial protection. When the 90 days is up, simply replace it with another one.

The Nanoseptic surface is powered by light. Their mineral nano-crystals create an oxidation reaction stronger than bleach and work 24/7. Unlike bleach and other disinfectants, the nanoseptic surface uses no chemicals or harsh substances.

Implementing these self cleaning antimicrobial door products mean you won’t have to use your sleeves or attempt to contort your elbows into a weird position just to open the door.

Handle Wraps start at £20.95+VAT for a pack of 5, and the Push Pads at £36.00+ VAT for a pack of 5. Quantity discounts are available.

Wondering how antimicrobial technology actually works?