Ease the January blues with discount cards

If you’ve over spent during the Christmas period (and let’s face it, most of us do), then January’s a pretty lean month. Everyone’s looking for a deal in the New Year, so get your discount cards into their wallets early.

Get customers through your door in January by offering discount cards

Promote your food deals now

If you’re a restaurant or cafe, attract customers through your doors in January by giving them discount cards. There are deals a plenty around at this time of year as food retailers fight over footfall, so make sure your offer is visible and promoted early. When your customers visit you in December, give them a discount card for January. It’ll be there in their wallets as a shining beacon when beans on toast is on the menu at home. Most restaurants offer a discount off food only, some off the whole bill.

Discount cards aren’t just for restaurants though. Tempt customers back into your store or business during January by offering discounts off your product lines. Again, by handing them out when they shop with you in December, they’ll be there as a reminder in the New Year.

Our cards are made from high quality durable plastic that is designed to retain its good looks over time. Design and artwork are included in our prices.