Eco-friendly bamboo lanyards – ideal for your next project

Sustainability is high up on most company’s agendas at the moment, and rightly so.

With mounting pressure on companies to reduce their use of non-sustainable products, one area where you could look for a more environmentally friendly option is lanyards.

Most regular lanyards are made from polyester, which is derived from plastic, meaning it’s not biodegradable.

Sustainable and biodegradable

Our personalised bamboo lanyards are made from 100% bamboo, which is one of the planet’s most sustainable resources. And because bamboo is a cellulose fiber, it’s fully biodegradable. So you won’t find them languishing in a tip 100 years from now.

Does choosing bamboo mean you sacrifice quality?

The short answer is no.

Bamboo lanyards are strong, comfortable and naturally antibacterial, and you won’t notice a difference in print quality. They’re durable enough to handle all the wear and tear you can throw at them.

They are slightly more expensive than traditional polyester custom lanyards, but the unit cost drops considerably the more you order.

For many companies, the increase in cost is more than balanced by the benefits of lessening your impact on the environment and doing your bit.

Personalise them to suit

All our custom bamboo lanyards are screen printed for a better quality finish and have various personalisation options available, from a choice of clip to the number of colours you want to print. You can also choose to add extra designs in the same run.

So the next time you’re printing personalised lanyards for an event or for your staff, consider the benefits of Branded Bamboo Lanyards.