Everything access control for EE (Everything Everywhere)


Superfast broadband & 4G phones
Superfast delivery for superfast broadband provider

EE is the UK’s most advanced digital communications company and was the first in Britain to offer superfast 4G services alongside fibre broadband. EE run the EE, Orange and T-Mobile brands and deliver to over 27 million customers. The Card Network started working with EE back in July 2011, when they were still known as Everything Everywhere.

The right access control products

EE were looking for a supplier they could trust to deliver the right access control cards and consumables, so they contacted us. In July 2011, we supplied them with 2000 TDSi microcards and new printer ribbons for their plastic card printer.

At the end of December 2011, EE came back to us for corporate format HID cards. Over the next six months, we were to supply more TDSi cards, HID cards and printer consumables such as ribbons and card printing software.

Superfast broadband needed superfast delivery

In July 2012 they contacted us with a new request. With the official launch of EE and the UK’s first 4G mobile network scheduled for a few months time, all staff were going to need new access control cards. We sourced them a combined HID card that would combine several access control cards into one.

We ensured that all 12,000 HID cards and consumables were with EE well in advance of the launch of the new brand and continue to supply them on an ongoing basis.

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