Fisticuffs in your shared car park?


Visible from a distance, durable and flexible

Deter illegal parkers with hanging car park passes

Parking is often quoted as one of the most stressful parts of a working day.

Finding someone parked in your allocated spot or being unable to find a space when there should be enough to go round gets stress levels rising – before you’ve even reached your desk.

Shared car parks are often the worst

If you share a car park with lots of other companies in the building or business park, it can be hard to monitor who’s using it. Even if you have a car park barrier in place, that’s no guarantee that each person is parking in the right space when they’re inside it.

Hanging car park passes visibly deter ‘illegal’ parkers

One easy and cost-effective way to get round the problem is to have branded hanging car park passes printed with your own company information. Made in durable, flexible plastic, they hang from the rear view mirror and are highly visible – much more so than standard passes that sit on the dashboard.

As well as making it easy for security to spot them, branded hanging car park passes will deter any opportunistic parker from a distance – far better than just a sign could.

As the weather gets worse, so will the problem

People who were happy to stand at the train station or bus stop in the summer are less inclined to do it in the winter. If you make car park hanging passes company policy, they won’t be able to ‘chance their arm’ in their car when the weather’s bad.

Make hanging car park passes part of your visitor policy too

One of the issues in a shared car park is visitor parking. Make handing out a car park pass part of your signing-in procedure at reception, and it will soon become clear if other staff are trying to pass themselves off as a visitor.

Our custom designed plastic hanging car park passes start from just £190.68 for 100, and come in two sizes: 245x90mm or 148x85mm.

If there’s one thing that’s going to prompt a scuffle over a latte and croissant, it’s not getting the car parking space you’re entitled to.