Fit plastic cloakroom tags onto bags the easy way

Bag straps for cloakroom tags
Fix your cloakroom tags onto bags the easy way

Plastic cloakroom tags are great when it comes to looking after coats and accessories. Simply hand the customer the branded duplicate tag, and slip the other one over the coat hanger. Job done.

But what happens when you’re handed something that doesn’t easily fit onto a coat hanger, like a bag or a piece of luggage?

Try and tuck the tag into a pocket? Prop it up and hope no-one moves it? Perform some sort of balancing trick?

Or just use a flexible plastic loop?

Plastic cloakroom tags are one of our most popular products – we supply to restaurants, bars, hair salons & tourism destinations all over the country – all of who want to manage their guest experience from the minute they walk in the door.

So when they asked us to help with tagging bags, we suggested flexible plastic loops.

Our 152mm flexible loops of clear plastic allow you to easily attach the plastic cloakroom tag to the bag or item.

And at just £5.00 for 100, they’re a no brainer when you’re next ordering your plastic cloakroom tags.