Fluorescent plastic cards & why they’re brilliant

Plastic cards that can’t be ignored – even in the dark

You might not choose lurid fluorescent yellow for your next lot of business cards, but having a card that leaps out at you in the gloom is extremely handy in certain situations.

Bar tabs & cloakroom tags

fluorescent plastic cards
Fluorescent plastic cards stand out & are more difficult to lose

Down you go to the Cellar bar for a much needed gin and tonic.

Then follows a few embarrassing moments scrabbling around trying to locate your bar tab card, eventually resolved by shining your phone camera light into your bag (queue building behind).

Repeat the same process upstairs when you’re trying to pick up your jacket from the cloakroom.

Fluorescent plastic cards are perfect for bars and clubs, making it easy for you – and the bar person – to find them.

We’ve recently printed some bar tab cards for the Club at the House of St Barnabas in London’s Soho because they wanted something that would stand out. Job done.

Theatres/cinemas and any sort of ‘after dark’ show

Same principle applies here really. As well as making great tickets (much easier to check seat numbers in the dark), they’re ideal for staff in these kinds of settings, making them easy to spot.


Fluorescent plastic cards are perfect for festivals that stretch into the evenings, for both security staff and festival-goers. They make it much easier to check tickets, identify people and locate the tickets in the first place. That, and a fluorescent audience is going to look kinda cool in the photos.

In the workplace

If you have staff working in lower light situations, fluorescent plastic cards are the ideal platform for health & safety details, helpline numbers or any other important information. Even if it’s not low light, they’ll certainly stand out.

Fotodek fluorescent cards
Available in yellow, orange, green or pink

On school trips

We’ve noticed that schools are using the cards on school outings; their high visibility making it easy to spot and count children.

Promotional use

If there’s a lot of ‘noise’ around you from other companies or brands, for example during Fresher’s Week when you’re trying to promote your offer above everyone else’s, fluorescent plastic cards will help you stand out. They’ll be there shouting ‘look at me! look at me!’ whilst everyone else’s cards are quietly whispering their wares.

Print your own, or have them printed for you

You can buy packs of fluorescent plastic cards for use in your own plastic card printer very inexpensively. We sell 100 Fotodek Fluorescent cards in green, yellow, orange or pink for just £24. These are the same thickness as a standard credit card. We would recommend you print mono on them – ideally black, to get the best results.

However if you’re printing larger quantities, or want to include a magnetic stripe or signature strip, you’re best having them professionally printed. If this is something you’re interested in, please contact our friendly team for a quote.