Hotel key cards: a price challenge

Still using generic hotel key cards?

If so, we have a challenge for you.

We believe we can print branded, personalised hotel key cards for around the same price you are currently paying for off-the-shelf ones.

Branded hotel key card
Which key cards would you prefer – branded or generic ones?

Why not put that claim to the test and check out our prices.

Why use branded hotel key cards?

Your hotel key card is one of the most effective advertising tools you have. They’re a great way to maximise the value of each guest visit, by raising awareness of your restaurant, spa and other hotel services, for example.

You can also use them as a mini billboard, promoting an upgrade offer, offering an incentive for a further booking or advertising a special lunch or dinner offer.

Or you could just use them as a branding opportunity, and push out key brand messages.

However you decide to use them, your cards could be doing much more for you than just opening doors.

See how The Quay Hotel in North Wales uses their personalised hotel key cards as a promotional tool.

Our branded hotel key cards start from just 21p a card. How does that compare with what you’re paying now?

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