How does the new Pronto100 Card Printer differ from the Pronto?

Magicard have just released a new version of their best-selling entry-level card printer onto the market – we look at what’s changed.

In April 2021 we welcomed the Pronto100: the new and improved version of the well-known Pronto, an ID card printer that’s been around for many years and is well known for its reliability and quality at a low cost.

So what’s changed?

A lot. Whereas Magicard has kept the name ‘Pronto’ to imply speed, that’s pretty much where the similarity ends.

The new Pronto100 is faster, lighter, smaller, greener and smarter … with better print quality and improved security.

So its hardly surprising that the price tag has gone up.

A very welcome addition – Automatic Feeding

One of the downsides to the original Pronto was always the fact that it was hand-feed only. Whilst this isn’t a problem if you’re only printing one or two cards every now and again, it can be very time consuming and annoying if you’re having to stand over the machine with batches of cards.

The Pronto100 has input and output hoppers which can take up to 50 cards at a time. Stack your blank cards at the top, hit ‘print’ and wait for them to drop into the bottom tray. Much easier if you’re printing volumes of cards at any one time.

Better print quality

The quality of print you get with the Pronto100 is noticeably sharper and richer.

Magicard talks about HD photo realistic cards and they are. The other key difference is the white border. All Direct to Card printers leave a white border as they print as they can’t get fully over-the-edge, but with the Pronto100 this is minimised.

So if you’re printing a full colour design on the entire card area, you’ll notice a big difference in quality.

It’s faster and gives you more choice

The Pronto100 prints one of these HD photo realistic cards as standard in just 23 seconds, compared to the 35 seconds it takes its older brother.

If you have a simple card design that’s mainly text for example, you can switch to its faster mode that will cut the process down to 18 seconds. If you’re printing in a single colour, it’s 7 seconds per single-sided card.

It’s got more security features

Both models come with Magicard’s HoloKote feature, which allows you to print a watermark over the surface of the card for extra security.

The Pronto100 also comes with Digital shredding. This means that the data transferred from your device to the printer is rendered irrecoverable after it has been used, ensuring you meet your data protection and GDPR responsibilities.

Comparison Table – Pronto vs Pronto100

It’s smarter

The Pronto100 comes with both USB and Ethernet connectivity and uses the latest version of Clix – their remote user interface. This means you can manage and control the printer from any device on the same network – ideal if different staff members need to use it. Clix will tell you the status of the printer, when ribbons are running low and when you need to clean it, for example.

It’s greener

The Pronto100 marks the start of Magicard’s move towards manufacturing printers which have a high level of designed-in recyclability. It is made and packaged from over 75% of recycled or recyclable material. The Company also supports One Tree Planted, which means they plant a tree for every printer sold.

With home working looking set to continue beyond COVID, the Pronto100 is also ideal for your dining room table

The Pronto100 has been designed to be small and quiet, making it ideal for your back bedroom or garden pod – wherever you happen to call your home office.

It has around the same footprint as an A4 sheet of paper, so it won’t take up much room and it’s light too so is very portable – weighing just 2.9kg.

Don’t worry – the reliable hand-fed Pronto is still available

If you don’t feel you need all of the capabilities offered by the new Pronto100, and the price point is a little too high, then the hand-fed Pronto is still available.

This basic model is available for under £500 and is still the cheapest priced ID card printer there is on the market, so if you’re literally only printing a handful of cards and don’t mind hand feeding them in one by one, this may still be the best option.

So is the Pronto100 worth the extra money?

Whilst the price tag of £629 is higher than the original Pronto printer, you won’t find these capabilities with any other printer manufacturer in this category.

This is quite simply a very clever, very accessible printer that’s best in its class when it comes to print quality and features in particular.

It also comes with decades of manufacturing excellence built-in: the Magicard brand is synonymous with reliability and quality.

All Magicard printers are manufactured in the UK and their support is UK-based should you ever need it, although the Pronto100 is deliberately designed to be low maintenance and require minimal support.

For more information, Watch the Pronto100 Video or download the Pronto100 Brochure

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