ID card & prepaid VISA card in one

CitizenCard, a firm that provides proof of age cards, has just released its latest product: a combined photo ID proof of age and prepaid VISA card, available to young people aged 12 and above. This is the first time that an ID card has been combined with the ability to buy goods online or in-store. The card is being marketed particularly at young people attending the Olympics, where the only card that can be used to pay for food, drinks and souvenirs is VISA.

ID card and prepaid visa card
Pay for purchases & prove your age at the same time

Is this the future? Will we see all credit cards doubling up to be identity cards soon?

In many ways it’s a logical step for the age bracket that CitizenCard caters for. The card shows the cardholder’s date of birth and age band, thus preventing them from buying age-restricted goods (in-store or in-bar anyway). And as with any prepaid card, you can’t get into debt using it, as you can only spend what comes pre-loaded on it. Fans of the product maintain that it helps young people to manage their money more responsibly, and also point out that it’s a far easier (and safer) way of proving your age than having to carry around a passport or driving licence. Although it might sound a bit ‘big brother’ to some, there will undoubtedly be many parents out there who will rest easier knowing it’s in their child’s wallet.

Would your photographic ID cards benefit from having date of birth details or age bracket printed on them? If you’re a school or college, or you organise a summer camp or holiday camp, it might be helpful to have these further details, especially if children in different age brackets have different privileges. We can incorporate any text you like onto our ID cards, as well as a choice of security features.