ID Card Printers aren’t just for ID Cards

I0 ways to use your Plastic Card Printer you may not have thought of

Printed your new staff ID Cards for 2022?

Is your ID Card printer now back on the shelf where it will most likely gather dust until next January?

Rather than just waiting for a new starter or for someone to lose their ID card, your hard-working plastic card printer could be delivering a whole heap of other benefits to your organisation.

1. Print visitor badges on demand

Welcome visitors with a personalised visitor badge and include any policies you need them to adhere to on the reverse. You could include your COVID procedures for example.  

Accompany it with a visitor lanyard and ensure all guests are easily identifiable.

2. Staff Information Cards

Capture down important health and safety or operational information on a card for employees that can sit alongside their ID card.

It acts as a good reminder or reference guide during the working day.

3. Print training certificates

Have your staff completed some first aid or operational training? Print them a card to go in their wallet with details of their certificate details, and a reminder of when it expires.

4. Vehicle passes/parking permits

People parking where they shouldn’t?

Print your own vehicle passes for members of staff and visitors.

Self-adhesive permit holders make them easy to display on the windscreen.

5. Print your own discount cards for customers

Print a short run of promotional discount or gift cards for customers as part of a seasonal or time-driven campaign.

6. Delegate badges for conferences or events

Welcoming people to your event with a personalised, branded event pass is always going to look more professional than a piece of paper. Print them in advance, or as they turn up on the day.

7. Staff Award cards

Have an award for your employee of the month or sales person of the year? Or just want to recognise someone’s hard work? Print them out a new ID Card that shows off their efforts.

8. Create day passes or temporary passes using your plastic card printer

If you’re the type of business that has people coming for a day, or a set period of time, like a spa or gym – print your own temporary passes.

Buy a slot punch for plastic cards for people to wear on a lanyard or clip.

9. Create labels for your products on display, or in your warehouse

If you’re currently using hand written tags or labels in a customer-facing environment, take your presentation up to the next level by printing plastic cards instead.

You can also use them in the back-office, for example in your warehouse or stockroom to label up areas or products effectively.

10. Print company branded ice scrapers (yes, this is a semi-serious suggestion)

We all get caught out having to de-ice the car in the morning. Rather than scrabbling around trying to find an ice scraper in the boot somewhere, have a card that sits in your wallet!

It’ll also stop you using your Credit or Bank card, which is way more problematic if it snaps…

Minimise your impact on the environment by printing on recycled and recyclable plastic cards

If you’re going to be printing more plastic cards, go ECO with our 100% Recycled and Recyclable plastic cards.

We don’t believe you should pay more to go green, which is why they’re the same price as our regular plastic cards.

You’ll sacrifice nothing in quality, the print finish is as good as with a regular card.

But before you start printing…

Just one more thing – if your plastic card printer has sat on the shelf for some time, it’s always a good idea to run a cleaning kit through it before you start printing again. This removes dirt and debris and ensures you get a good quality print.

Unsure what printer ribbons or cleaning kit you need for your ID card printer? Get in touch! We’re always happy to help.